Steam reviews for Pearl Abyss' BDO. From May, June, Aug this year


I waited 15 months to write a review. I’ve pretty much done it all. I’m running around at softcap with pretty much all content acquired. This game IS damn amazing. Today, 24th of August 2018, they made the game truly pay to win. I’m not talking “added a ghillie suit to the cash shop” or anything like that, I mean full-blown swipe your credit card to become stronger than anyone who has 3x more hours played than me…This game is officially dead with this change.

The devs went back on their promise that they would not make NA P2W. Not only should you stay away from Black Desert Online, but you should try not to forget the developers; “Pearl Abyss” and the Publisher “Kakao Games” as we certainly will see them again in the future to further scam their playerbase once again. If there is any comment you read about BDO that you pay attention to; its this one. DO NOT. I REPEAT: DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME/MONEY."

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" Posted: June 1

After dumping way too much money into this game, I’ve come to the realization that it’ll never be enough. They crafted a good enough mousetrap to keep you dumping RL cash and feeling compelled to log in every day just to keep up with everyone else. At a certain point, I just got sick of it. It’s a rat race and I am done with it. Save your money for something where you don’t feel you have to keep up with the rat race through cash and hours of time per day."


Posted: Aug 29 @ 4:06pm

"Please do not support this game. It went fully p2w today.
The game itself is fantastic. It’s the best looking MMO with the best combat system in it’s genre…

If it didn’t have some of the worst developers I have ever had the pleasure to be under the mercy of. The ingame paid-currency shop is overpriced as hell…new content is sparse and always comes YEARS after the initial release in other regions and the absolutely worst thing, which was the final straw for me that pushed me into quitting: The devs are greedy and shameless liars.

Many promises have been made, mostly about not implementing alot of the Pay-To-Win “features” of the Korean version of the game. Every single one has been broken since today with the introducion of basically being able to buy yourself unlimited attempts at upgrading your gear, as long as you have enough money…30€, the price for a regular “premium cosume (sic) set”, … I beg you to not give these greedy liars any money at all. Don’t listen to the whiteknight’s defending these practises (sic). It’s not worth it at all, you will be disappointed time and time again, no matter how positive you try to be. I learned that the hard way."


"Not Recommended

0.5 hrs last two weeks / 6,902.1 hrs on record

Posted: May 27 @ 1:39am

I have nearly 7k hours in BDO. I don’t recommend this game at the moment.

The cash shop is a complete money grab. Don’t buy this game thinking you’ll reach end game off $5 or even $50. You’re looking at a solid $200+ to be competitive in a decent amount of time. Anyone who says otherwise is lying to you. The game skirts P2W by creating massive annoyances, such as limiting weight and inventory space, to the point where players have huge incentive to fix the issues through the cash shop. Even swimming is made slow in an effort to push a $20+ swimming outift.

The game is an endless grind, gated by RNG. You might spend a month getting 5 billion silver only to blow it all in one night on Tungrad earrings and end up empty handed, with that entire month’s work completely gone. It can be incredibly demoralizing, and there isn’t a viable way around it.

The developers are currently running around with the heads cutoff. They introduced massive changes to the PvP system over three years after release. These changes increased the gear gap, makign strong players even stronger. However, they also managed to neuter many classes. Remember how I said it takes nearly $200 to be viable? A lot of those cash items are tied to a character, not the account. This means that if you want to play another class, you have to repurchase weight, inventory, and costumes. It adds up extremely fast. Therefore, you’re at the mercy of Korean developers who don’t even play the game, and who have shown that they can castrate a class on a moment’s notice.

You can look at Steam Charts to see that the playerbase is slowly dying. Even with a $5 sale, the game is losing more people than it’s gaining. Most high level PvPers like myself have abandoned the game because of the drastic changes to super armor, iframes, and crowd control. What once was fast paced game has slowed down considerably - most likely to pave the way for Xbox relase and/or compensate for their terrible, terrible netcode.

Be very wary of BDO. It’s essentially a giant scam to inconvience and annoy you into spending money. The game currently is devoid of direction, with unneeded changes coming nearly weekly."


Dont worry!

Falcon said Pearl has “no plans” to make eve p2w.

He said the “plan is” ccp retain complete control.

What he Didn’t say was that next week Pearl can call up their Icelandic peasants and say “PLANS CHANGED WORMS. HERE ARE OUR NEW PLANS we order you, who WE OWN, to now do xyz”


This isn’t EVE related, and therefore doesn’t belong on these forums.