Steam SiSi: Sorry, but an error occurred while processing your request

Hi everyone,

I’ve been attempting to access the test SiSi server for the previous couple of weeks and unfortunately I’ve encountered an ‘Internal Server Error’ alongside: Sorry, but an error occurred while processing your request.

My account is via steam and was created in around September, so before the previous server mirror took place. I also heard that there was some form of Mirror this week as well with the mass test?

I have followed the provided tips on the support page such as: Uninstalling Eve, removing the game from my Steam account etc. But each time I just get the above error.

SiSi was updated, not mirrored. If you changed your password sometime after the last mirror, you need to use your old password to access SiSi

Thank you, I’m afraid I haven’t changed any passwords for a long time.

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