Steam - SquirrelTemp Folder

I just found this trying to track down where the 300+GB of disk was being used. I’m running on ubuntu jammy via steam, and just updated the launcher to use the following launch options:

SQUIRREL_TEMP=/tmp/SquirrelTemp %command%

This puts the “tempXX” files into my system’s /tmp folder where they are managed normally, i.e., deleted on reboot.

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I just noticed this issue myself today, came here to ask what was up and it turns out they have already been told and not done anything about it. Colour me surprised…

I am on Ubuntu 22.04 and running Eve through Steam and had this issue. Changing ownership of the folder to root:root seems to have resolved the issue. I subsequently deleted that folder and it has not been recreated.

Just deleted 1.3TB from this folder. What a joke. Fix it CCP please.

680 GB in SquirrelTemp, disk is full.
Why should CCP fix things if they can develop Eve Vanguard and compete with idSoftware/Bethesda Quake series, CSGO by Valve, etc.

For anyone struggling with SquirrelTemp growing like fury on Linux Steam systems, and mine was thick end of 70Gb+ then a this works nicely.

In Steam under setting for Eve Online, then I have in the command:


I’m running the current Ubuntu LTS - basically this maps the SquirrelTemp to the Linux /tmp folder. This is a virtual filesystem that is re-set on each re-boot through tmpfs.

@Okamainen_al_Anzomi - Thank-you, very much appreciated bit of advice. Ta.

As there is no SquirrelTemp folder having any significant size on wine staging, maybe you could file a bug report with steam to get it fixed?