The new Launcher. CCP?

This is so Bulldust!!! … I’m not going to spent 2-3 god dam days to download 33 GB . The god dam game is already install . plus where the god dam HELL is the Confirmation Button ??? I’m like WTF!!! have you done CCP ???

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If you already have the game installed pick its location and it likely wont download 33gb


My PC said 510 gb free before the new Launcher…and it still says 510 gb free after. I assume the old version just gets over-written.

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Need to find where EVE is installed at. Usually (for us non tech nerds) it will find the spot already if you didn’t install EVE in some special place.

Ideally there would be staff on the forum responding to potential issues in the few days after a new launcher is made mandatory since the base price for the game is $20 per month :slight_smile:


Same issue, need a response CCP

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Well, that’s what the new launcher said for me, and it already had my default location listed - as apparently does yours: E:/Games/Eve.

I just clicked the INSTALL button and it was ready in something like a minute or two.

Yes, the wording is poor, and yes it would be better if they said “the INSTALL” button instead of confirmation. It’s unfortunate they put all their effort into adding screen bloat and excess clicks, rather than streamlining and clear communication.

But that’s CCP for you.

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I took you gamble, and lost.
I told it the correct location of my eve install, and it proceeded to download 33GB

Pile of poo

Took me all of about 90 seconds to install.

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Yes, every time they say something is “new and improved”, I guess it means you and I liked “old and lousy” a lot better. This is only the first hurdle on this path to great things… just wait until we get back in the game to find all our character and account settings reformatted to the default. Some ALT-oholics have a lot of accounts to reprocess. I know from my friend to expect the frame rate to be in the toilet with this launcher running idle in the background. They informed me today, they had a 3 to 15 frames per second. They jumped up to +60 frames per second after they killed this launcher.

Nothing like a POS frontend program to ward off the new customers. I have to say I am very confused by the company’s marketing techniques.

Fly safe o7 … assuming you can get to the hangar.


While I can’t disagree with those wary of this launcher, it went smoothly for me.

Granted, I installed it on a fresh drive on a new computer unlike most here. It was done in a few minutes.

As for the launcher itself, I’m not impressed so far. But it’s definitely more tightly coded than the last one. No issues with freezes or CTDs when logging in multiple accts at once. But the layout is poor and obviously no one at CCP bothered to read the feedback from the beta trial.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

new launcher :face_with_head_bandage: :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:

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It “likely” won’t?

How is everyone liking the new mobile launcher? It’s synergizing a lot of leverages in order to maximize the turnover ratio for the targeted demographic; a real game-changer. Hopefully this crucial deliverable can move the needle for projected player engagement gain stretch goals, or some additional outside-the-box thinking might be necessary. Let’s give it a bit and circle back with our feedback loop when the telemetry comes in. Gotta see if the cat licks it up, and then we can touch base by CoB tomorrow. It’s important to take one bite of the elephant at a time, after all.


oh just wait til you find out they reset most peoples settings and overviews too so have fun setting all that up again lol
this new launcher is a disaster

Sorry no more likes from me today but keep up the great work as I enjoy my :popcorn: @Uriel_the_Flame

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I tried the new launcher for the first Vanguard test and didn’t like it so I already had it installed. I’ve kept the old launcher open and running so it hasn’t been able to update it and kill itself yet. It still downloads EvE updates and launches my clients so I’m gonna keep it running as long as possible.

Hopefully there won’t be any power outages and I can keep my PC from restarting and losing the old launcher for quite awhile.

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there is an old chinese proverb: RTFM

it tells you exactly what to do in your screen shot.

So just to clarify…now I need to log in my in space loged off toon sitting in who knows what just to collect the daily stuff? If so…great job CCP… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :-1:
Is there a way to remove those thumbnails from the launcher and have only account names showing? If not…great job CCP… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :-1:
Is there a way to show where your toon is and in what before actually loggin in? If not…great job CCP… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :-1:

If it takes three days for you to download 33 GB, I am sorry and I feel your pain.

Since the game is already installed in your system, find its current location in and tell the new launcher to install the game there. If it is smart enough, it should detect the game files as exist in your computer, test their cryptographic hashes against the most recent versions, and only download those that need to be updated.

You could argue that the new launcher should have read the location of the game files from the old launcher upon installation. I am willing to live with that quirk, given that the launcher only gets updated every few years.