The new Launcher. CCP?

When I installed the new launcher for the Vanguard playtest, it completely wiped my EvE install, as in completely deleting it from my SSD. Had to redownload the entire game. Needless to say, I was less than impressed.


A few things I found while trying to answer a question in another thread:

  • Yes, the new launcher apparently resets most settings to it’s own default and ignores what you had before
  • Click the cogwheel (upper right) for settings to review them
  • LAUNCHER, GAME CLIENT, and TOOLS/CACHE all have various settings you should check. Some of them are actually useful.

I haven’t poked at it much, I think in the past having “Hardware Acceleration” enabled provided little benefit but caused problems for some setups.

High DPI Support” allows you to set a Scaling option, not sure how much this applies to. The size of the mouse cursor has been an issue for High DPIs for years but I doubt they’ve fixed that as they’ve always said in the past “it’s hard coded and we don’t know how to fix it”.

“Show the new player experience”… ? I guess this is like other games “Skip the tutorial” or something?

Game Client tab allows you to set all accounts to direct login or Character select at once, which is better than having to do every account individually (which is the first thing I wasted time on in the launcher, should have looked around first).

Tools/Cache tab has a button to search for/find your old Account Profiles from the previous (actually working) launcher. You apparently can’t edit or delete them, though, at least not in the launcher.

It also has a “Logout all users” button which may be useful for some multi-boxers.

btw if it actually takes 3 days to download 33 Gb, that works out to vastly less than 1Mbps internet connection and I doubt it is possible to play eve on that, you are more than likely overstating the situation