Explain to me please

7 months ago, when I downloaded the game, it occupied 18-20 gigabytes on my ssd. Almost daily, the launcher downloads something, and as a result, now it takes already 50 gigabytes. Do you guys from the development team understand that my ssd is not made from latex ??? Or what should I delete the game and reinstall it, configure all panels so that it occupies the normal volume that was declared when the game was loaded? You write 23 gigabytes in system requirements. But 23 and 50 are two different things.

Hmm. My Eve folder only takes up 20gb, and I have “Download the full Eve game client” selected (gear icon in the bottom left of launcher). I don’t have “download Everything” checked though (Hamburger icon in the top right) .

I guess let’s start by check to see what launcher settings you have.


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Come on, forget it. Am I myself downloading 50 gigabytes of crap into the game client from CCP servers? No, they themselves are not asking me. I erased the game and downloaded it again. Now my Eve weighs 19.9 gigabytes. And what is most interesting is played no worse than with 50 gigabytes.

I installed EVE on this current machine in september 2016. My current eve install is taking up 18.6GB.

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