15 gig download every time I play

Hi, I am a new user as well as a person who has just started using a computer again after several years and that was windows 7 and now I have a new computer with windows 11.

Every time I try and play the game using the icon on my desktop it tries to down load the big 15.4 gig file. I think I have put either both or either of the big eve file and launcher files in the wrong folders or files. I’ve tried launching from a file in the eve folder but with the same result.
Data is not so cheap here and I cannot afford to download 15 gigs everyday.

Also I have no idea about how the launcher client and whatever else is in the settings on the play game page where it tries to download the big file. I think I may have changed one thing in there :frowning: All of the settings in there are things I don’t know. I just want to be able to hit the launcher on my desktop and play game,

Please help. Possibly you could send me the correct file paths and file/folder names the eve folder and the eve launcher should contain?

Much thanks
Rekool Rekees

You need to go into launcher settings and see if you have the full client downloaded. If you don’t, thats most likely what these downloads are.

HI, thank you for responding.
If the client is the 15.4 download from Eve than it is downloaded to a desktop folder called Eve. I am new to gaming and don’t even know what a clients is.
I am pretty sure I have the launcher or the huge 15.4 g file (setup files? client download?) in the wrong place from when I downloaded them.

Sounds like you shoud uninstall your client completely and Install from scratch - without changing any target folders.
That has no effect on your in-game assets.

If you’ve installed or run eve from your desktop, then the folder will likely be included in your Microsoft profile. This is something windows will backup to the cloud and “sync” every time you log into a PC or computer.

Check you’ve not accidentally installed your Eve to the desktop, it should be in something like “C:\Program Files”

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