"Download the full EVE game client"?

Quote -"The EVE Launcher contains the “Download the full EVE game client” setting, which will download all the remaining resource files in order to complete the resource cache. This will limit the resource downloads of the client to changed resources only. Please keep in mind that enabling this option will cause the EVE Launcher to not enable the “Play” button until the download of the additional resources has been completed. "
Quoted from - Download on Demand – EVE Online

I had to reinstall the EVE game client recently because of an issue. But I lost all the local assets I had been downloading on demand to be able to do all the things I had been doing up till that point. I flew into a FW complex and the game froze. After the game finished downloading the assets it needed for the task ahead I woke up dead.
Everyone with me?
My question, is it worth trying to “Download the full EVE game client”? or should I just ride this out and accumulate the assets as I need them?
How big is the full game client to download?

Ask that question yourself. You already experienced all pros nad cons firsthand

10+ GiB from fresh install. Can’t remember correct number. Just tick the box in launcher and restart it. Download will start and show how much you need. If you don’t like the numbers, just untick the box and restart launcher to stop download. Don’t try to make it harder than it is…


Righto, thanks. Don’t try to make it harder than it is, good advise.

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