Steam - SquirrelTemp Folder

Been using the new launcher for a few months. I can’t remember how big the folder was the first time I deleted it, but the launcher creates a SquirrelTemp folder. It puts things in there. It never deletes them.

I just removed another ~250gigs of garbage.

Previously I deleted it and it was almost 600gigs of garbage.

This gets created upon launch of the launcher. Just tried it fresh after deleting all files… a single launch - 350Megs. tempa, tempb, tempc.

Please stop abusing the SSDs. If we can’t get away from making the files in the first place, at least delete them upon closing.

– Workaround –
On linux I was able to set the SquirrelTemp folder itself to owner root and group root. Seems to have stopped the launcher from putting stuff in there. Launcher still seems to function ok. YMMV


Realized today that this Folder is ~450GB on my disk. CCP thats not funny, fix your stuff.

Ran into this today when the whole root suddenly was “full”. Drilled down to \SquirrelTemp and its many, many temp folders.
Got my drive back and gave my user “List only” permissions for \SquirrelTemp. That works fine as well.

My SSD has also been eaten by squirrels.

Debian Bookworm amd64
Steam via stable Flatpak
Proton 8.0

When will this problem fixed ? @CCP_Bee

Same problem is here.
I’m not sure about it’s important or not but the SquirrelTemp folder has not been re-created since I gave up multiboxing for a while.
Linux Mint 21.3, Steam Proton Experimental.

Wondered why my hard drive was running out of space… 500GB squirrel folder, what the hell. Get better at coding ffs.

Same problem here, over 500GB in SquirrelTemp which completely filled up my drive. I deleted the folder, and now EVE won’t start. This is on Linux via Steam.

Yeah, CCP, same here - ~320GB. This really sucks, the disk size on local is NOT unlimited and making a product that is unable to manage it’s cache is really lame.

There is also a very nasty way how this can go wrong.

If there is not enough space on disk and launcher tries to update itself. It does that by populating new folder named “app-[version]” in the game folder. But the thing is that it does not calculate the space that is needed, nor is unable to revert changes in case it is unable to download files due to full disk.

In my case the launcher just left empty binary eve-online.exe there and crashed so when I run the game via steam again, it tried to execute that empty binary and crashed.

The resolution is to just delete the entire folder “app-[version]” that is corrupted.

The folder contains hundreds of folders named “tempXX” where XX is a pair of random characters.

It appears that it tries to create folder named “temp” but instead of a string terminator, it overflows and spews some random memory.

Not a good look CCP.