[STEEL][ALLIANCE][NULL] Legio Ferro wants you! - Corps wanted!

Founded by old school players that started playing eve as far back as 2005 Legio Ferro is a home for everyone, from novice to veteran.

We have nullsec ratting, mining, PI, exploration and opportunities to PVP in mostly small gang PVP.

We live with RHP in Deklein and are looking to expand our alliance with new and active corps.

Our main corp consists of old and wise core members who have been around the block a couple of times in eve. We’ve been part of every major battle in eve and were there in the fleets as records were broken, some even lead the fleets into those battles.

What we offer?

  • Plenty of mining and production opportunity with lots or roids to violate and products to produce for local market.
  • Safe pocket in nullsec with huge isk making opportunities (ratting, mining and PI).
  • Relaxed atmosphere where real life comes first, always.
  • Active and experienced leadership.
  • Hauling and jump freighter service.

Why join us?

  • Alliance Buyback Program for salvage, loot, ore.
  • Nullsec ratting, mining and industrial.
  • Help with ships and fits so you can make the most isk possible in nullsec.
  • Ship Replacement Program (SRP).
  • Teamspeak & Discord
  • Alliance/Coalition market both ingame and on discord.

Who do we want?

  • Corporations active in all parts of eve. Industrial, PVP, PVE or all of the above.
  • Willing to train simple alliance doctrines
  • Corps who are an active addition to the alliance

Join us on discord and find out more:

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I’ve been happy, even more so since we’ve gotten a few upgrades to our systems

Good, friendly, and active corp. Some of the most helpful people I have met in the game.

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