Stellar Free Market - a trade hub that returns ISK to YOU

TTT and ICY will burn. But traders will always seek the low broker fees of Upwell stations. Which empire will fill the void - another null-sec coalition, another shady consortium? Who will be next to siphon our wallets?

We believe everyone deserves low-cost markets free from the boot of rent-seeking empires. We say, nobody takes your ISK - keep it! The Upwell Consortium mandates a minimum tax, but we have an answer:

Announcing the Stellar Free Market, a trade post where broker fees are returned to YOU! We analyze fluid router logs and issue refunds for broker fees collected. Trade at much lower than the 1% “minimum” fee, and rest easy knowing you won’t line the pockets of real estate moguls.

Located at New Caldari Prime near the Jita stargate, the Stellar Free Market will be free for all:

  • Market with broker fees regularly refunded
  • Manufacturing and research - tax free
  • Free offices

We look forward to trading with you and beginning a new chapter in New Eden markets!

How much will you take as profit?

We take NO profit from this enterprise. We will retain only enough to cover operational expenses (like fuel), and refund the rest. We will regularly report on revenue and expenses.

I have personally covered the first month of expenses, so ALL broker fees will be refunded for the next month.

Why are you doing this?

We remember years ago, when capsuleers first colonized the outer reaches of New Eden. Not everyone built an empire - some built infrastructure instead, and welcomed traders, explorers and freedom-fighters to live together. We aim to rekindle the spirit of capsuleers building a world together.

Who are you? What are your affiliations?

I am mostly nobody. I have a sibling who runs a manufacturing business, and another who explores wormholes with a small paramilitary corporation. Our family hasn’t ventured in null-sec for more than a decade. We hold no fondness for any empire, capsuleer or otherwise.

How will you refund so many transactions?

I learned to program supercomputers in an exchange program at the Science and Trade Institute. I have prototyped a transaction dispatch system that enables multiple capsuleers to process refunds simultaneously.

How often will you send refunds?

We will see how the dispatch system handles the trade volume. You can expect refunds at least every week, and ideally more frequently.

Aren’t you afraid of being destroyed?

We are not afraid. The age of trade hub profiteering is over. We believe capsuleers will join us in celebrating free trade markets for all.

How can we trust you?

You cannot. But you don’t have to. If I am true to my word, you will have your refund to prove it. Otherwise, you will only have paid the cheapest broker fee offered in New Eden. You have nothing to lose.

Additionally, we offer full transparency to auditors who wish to check our records. Have a recent graduate apply at our corporation offices, and we will employ them as a Junior Accountant.

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What sort of backing do you have to stop people from simply shooting your structure down?

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The minimum tax has been eliminated.
SCC takes a flat 0.5% fee but you can now set the market tax on the structure to 0.0%, leaving 0.5% in total.

There are already structures up in perimeter with 0.0% tax

ah yeah. Thanks for reminding about that structure.

The age of market tax profits may be over, but not the racketeering and extortion of the “mercs”. You’ll find that out soon enough, I know about it all to well.


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