Still possible to get sub 3sec aligns for blockade runners?

Was researching blockade runners for some of my alts, and came across a few fits that claimed with the MWD off that it could manage a sub 3sec align time.
LIke this one:

Loading the fit in pyfa v2.49.0, seemed be true around 2.8 seconds or so. In game it’s only 3.46s. Has the game nerfed blockade runners align times? Something I’m missing?
Only obtainable with implants now, which makes it even a higher risky proposition?
EDIT - whoops, with fit this time.

With implants you can even get sub 2s align on a blockade runner, if you wanted.

(Too expensive for me though, I’m more than happy with sub 3s with just 3 inertial stabs on my Viator. Even a max cargo fit 6s align is pretty much completely safe due to the Covops cloak.)

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Easy with Prowler.

EDIT: In simulation the MWD is automatically on, so to get the “real” number you have to manually switch the MWD off in the simulation.

I actually started to use the Sunesis more often, cause you can have one in every corner of New Eden. Unless bubbles it’s almost uncatchable and can survive smartbomb camps.

If you fear bubbles BR is the way to go as it can fit the nullifier.

Yes, in fact the 2.8 seconds I got was from turning it off the MWD in pyfa, and turning it off in the simulation in-game was 3.4. Point is doing the same in pyfa and in-game are not matching, with both MWDs off.

However I like your recommendation. Will look into it. Sunesis isn’t a ship I know, so must be one of the newer faction ones? Will investigate.

Yes, not ideal either. Agree with you that the only way to obtain sub zero was with implants, not interested. Both expensive and risky if podded.


Sunesis is a SoCT ship. Similar to the gnosis etc.

Its among ships that ccp gives out and alphas can fly without really training a lot of skills.

Plus the ships arent worth it to insure since all it takes to build is 1 tritanium

I figured out the difference in pyfa and the in-game sim. Alpha clone versus Omega.
Omega lapsed on toon, whereas still enabled as omega in pyfa.
Although quite a dumb and embarrassing revelation, figured I’d share so no one else pulls out their hair and not realizing this themselves.


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