Stitch Kaneland - CSM 15

Your EVE Online story.

“You can’t solo in EVE”

“You need alts to play EVE”

“You need to be in a large group to play”

All common things I heard when I started playing EVE in 2011. I’ve been through highsec, grinding level 4 missions in my infancy. Moved to null and lived there for a couple years, participating in fleet fights, home defense and also anomaly PVE. Left nullsec and joined an NPC Faction Warfare (FW) corporation, played in lowsec FW and lived a nomadic lifestyle in non FW lowsec for over 3 years on my own. Now, i’ve moved to wormhole space and joined a wormhole group (Tuskers), which i’ve been a part of for almost 2 years.

I’m part of no major null block or large alliance powerhouses.

Everything I’ve done through my years in EVE has been done through this 1 character. This character hauls, does industry, explores data/relic sites and can fly anything from frigates to dreads. I feel like I’ve experienced EVE on hard mode and adapted through every change, but in the end, it has given me a better understanding of game and ship mechanics through all facets of the game and also in a strange way, makes me an EVE “casual”, since I don’t rely on alts to fill in the gaps.

During this time, I’ve cataloged and recorded a lot of fights and created a Youtube channel showcasing the funner fights and interesting fits i’ve created in the areas i’ve lived in. I often fly battleships and battlecruisers solo, ships that most people claim to be high risk to fly solo, which i’ve flown with varying degrees of success.

In EVE, the things i’ve enjoyed most has been flying, fighting and fitting spaceships. EVE is very unique in the freedom it allows for ship fitting and how you want to build/fly your ships, which is what drew me in. I’ve spent an equal amount of time theorycrafting new and unique fits as I do flying those ships. I often spend a lot of time on lesser utilized ships to find their hidden strengths and their weaknesses to get a better understanding on ship balance.

Your areas of expertise. In which areas of the game do you feel you are the most knowledgeable? What qualities set you apart from other candidates?

The areas of the game I’m most knowledgeable and have expertise in would be:

Ship Fitting and Balance

Solo/Small Gang PvP



While I do currently live in a wormhole (lowclass), the way I use it is probably different than most other wormhole entities. I’m familiar with the mechanics, but less so for the in-depth details on them, I have decided not to list wormholes in my list of expertise this year. That being said, that doesn’t mean I would just ignore them if a situation arises where they need representation. I just feel there are better candidates to represent wormhole space than I.

I’m not trying to push a specific playstyle or buff my ships and try to nerf ships or playstyles I don’t like. I’m open minded and will work with people to find common ground and come to a resolution. The game should be fun for everyone and I think we can all work together to compromise to better the game.

I’m very technically focused and often find things that most people may overlook, whether its from a balance perspective or in general. I’m also willing to change or adjust my ideas when presented with equally technical and logical discussions on things I may have missed. I’m not afraid to be wrong, as long as the the data/discussion is rooted by facts and not feelings.

Why are you applying for the CSM?

In a perfect world, I’d like there to be better representation of all playstyles in the game. There need to be more voices on the “casual”, small gang or solo pilot that just wants to login and enjoy spaceships. Whether that is PvP, PvE or Exploration. While I have no doubt that previous CSM members helped make good changes possible, some changes that relate to ship balance sometimes feel a bit muted for other playstyles. Having one or multiple CSM’s on that have an intricate knowledge of ship fitting relating to solo or small gang can help balance and provide a more all encompassing discussion from people with direct knowledge, instead of trying to resort to 3rd party help to understand the problems.

This is a game about spaceships, in space, blowing each other up. Whether that is for empire building goals, FW goals, or just for fun to kill the 1-3 hours of time you have per day, focusing on ship balance to make those goals more entertaining would be my focus and why I’m applying.

What can players expect from you?

-A non-biased approach to ship balance, I want what is good for the game and to generate more fights, not prevent them. I’m almost always available for communication, whether it be through EVE mail, the forums, discord or reddit. I’ll be willing to discuss any concerns you may have and help provide your feedback/concern to CCP. Other than that, the following are some accomplishments or my thoughts/standings on various situations.

-I have already had impacts on ship balance suggestions. If you have enjoyed battlecruisers in their current form, I made a forum post about providing range buffs to battlecruisers to help them meet their anti-cruiser role. While I can’t say this directly influenced CCP, the timing, discussion and end result all point to either 1; CCP liked my idea and adapted it, or 2; CCP already planned to do this and my own thoughts of balance parity with theirs. The post can be found on the old forums, here.

-Increasing battleship scan resolution has been a subject I’ve been pushing for over 2 years, and with the “Surgical Strike” patch released, all battleships got a 30% scan resolution bonus. This was most likely a combined effort between the CSM and CCP, but may not have been pushed to the front lines of balance without consistent reminding.

-I’m adamant that a lot of balance and fun/engaging fits can be made with soft stat (Fitting, Turret/Launcher slots, slot arrangement), role bonuses and ship trait changes, rather than resorting to gimmicks. While I understand I have no say in how CCP balances in the end, I’ll still voice my opinion on gimmicks and provide alternatives to those who are willing to listen.

-Lowsec FW holds a special place in my heart as its where i’ve spent the bulk of my time in EVE, getting the most fights and learning a lot about PvP and the solo life. FW should be a stepping stone for newbro’s to go once they want to dabble in PvP and it should be engaging for them and fun. There are a lot of issues in FW space that can potentially stifle a newbro learning and even prevent veterans of the area from enjoying the gameplay. This would include, but not be limited to:

  1. bots in complex
  2. Creating a truly novice plex, such as a “rookie” plex, that only allows T1 frigates and not pirate or faction frigates so newbro’s can get a foothold and try to learn from fights, instead of being completely dominated by a ship that is already 1 or 2 steps above theirs. Once they feel comfortable, they can throw themselves to the sharks in standard novice/small/medium/large plex.
  3. Citadels and how they make owning space feel worthless in FW
  4. Faction LP rebalances, making some items actually desirable so some factions aren’t heavily favored over others
  5. FW mission removal or rebalance to reduce LP payout, LP should primarily be done through complex capture/defense and not through grinding out PVE missions.
  6. Create “beach heads” of conflict on border systems through the FW zone to create incentives on fighting, instead of people moving into some abandoned system to plex and not drive conflict. Scale LP payout on these beachheads or vacant systems.

Keep in mind, these only reflect my views and knowledge of faction warfare, not that I have the power to force CCP to adopt these ideas. However, for you FW/Lowsec people reading this, hopefully this gives you a better idea on how I understand FW. I’ve also worked with and am still part of the FW Discord group.

-An actual voice for the “little guy”, as you can’t get much smaller than a single account/character.

In the end, EVE is about spaceships, and you can expect me to represent making spaceships fun to fly in all areas of space. Whether its frigates, cruisers, battleships or capitals, lets remember EVE is a game that revolves around these ships and fittings. While people rally behind their area’s of space and playstyle, I rally behind the ships, because without the ships and balance, none of those areas of space matter, and in the end, what is the point of playing a spaceship game without fun and engaging spaceships?


I think me and Stitch are the only two candidates running on a small scale ship-balance platform, and Stitch is definitely a better choice for purely ship balance. Good luck dude, I really hope you get on.

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Ah, excellent candidate for the CSM. If you need to know why, just look up his youtube videos. One of the people who have innovated and refined the solo and subcap PvP aspect of Eve the most, in my opinion and so far the candidate that I feel is needed the most on the CSM.

Good luck and god speed.

ps: moar phoon vidyas plz


Working on it :slight_smile: . The hard drive i had all my videos on got corrupted, then i was dealing with computer crashes for a bit and couldn’t play EVE. Then my recording software just straight up stopped working properly, so i had some new fights that didn’t get recorded. Been a rough few months. Got everything fixed now and have finally gotten some footage (not enough for a new video, but making progress).

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i like the idea, that you used only 1 account. My Respect !

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Voted for Stitch last year. Guy is very knowledgeable, and is someone I look up to even though I’m way out of his league. Will gladly vote for him again this year.

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Glad to see you’re running again this year man

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I use only one account too. Got my vote for that alone.

Us solo pvpers need more voices.

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Those are all good concerns for FW and for that you get my favored support!

Looking forward to vote for you!

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Whatchu doin’ all the way down here? Get up where you belong.

Vote Stitch Kaneland to get a voice for healthy lowsec, FW and solo PvP onto the CSM.

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Still my Favorite Candidate by far.

You have some content coming? Do you have a discord? You need to get your voice out there, man!

Volunteering to shitpost exuberantly in favor of this candidate in various locations deemed useful.

But yes, candidate videos, blogs and articles etc would be a good move. Candidate interviews at the various news sites and such.

Thank you.

Currently, i’m active in the “<10”, Praise Bob as well as TiS, and CSM discord. I’m normally hanging out in the balance discussion/CSM channels on the respective discords. I don’t have my own discord server, but may consider popping one up if needed.

I will be on the CSM/Small gang round table on Fayral’s <10 podcast on Saturday 2PM CST, so tune in for a listen. Other than that, i’d expect once the CSM list is finalized, i’ll run through the interviews again at various news sites like i did last year.

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Hey Stitch. Take my YouTube sub!

Also, First, I’m interested to hear your thoughts on changes you’d make to mining, and what you think about Rorqual balance (this is a throw-out question for the null blocs).

Second, I’d be interested to hear how you feel structure sprawl can be adjusted in low sec.

Third, I’d love to hear what you think of the sharp decline in retention during the first two weeks of sign-up of new characters/players.

I’ll be honest, i’ve probably mined a total of 100m in my EVE career. I’m no mining expert or massive industrial scale expert. I do very small production to fill in the gaps on stuff i need, or build rigs (occasionally building capital modules if the price is right). I reprocess a lot of stuff to get my minerals lol.

So, my opinion on mining is probably mostly useless and there are people more familiar that can chime in if CCP calls for opinions.

From an actual content creation stand point, i think we are on the right track. If CCP can induce resource scarcity or some kind of dynamic resource mechanic, it will help generate more movement in space. Whether that is capitals (Locus Fleet) moving around and hoovering up resources or whatever, i feel that is good. Its harder to turtle when you have to be constantly moving, and there are always stragglers or people not following orders, which can escalate into fights.

If we are talking about the mineral reduction recently, tbh, things needed to be more expensive. There’s a lot of money floating around right now. That however may affect newbro’s and some other alternatives may be needed.

Well, for one, the upcoming changes will help in lowsec as there are a lot of low power/abandoned structures. If people don’t defend them or fuel them, i’d expect a lot of them to get cleaned up here soon.

If we are talking FW citadels, i think citadels in FW space should be registered with a milita OR, militia can only dock in citadels that are owned by their militia (cannot dock in neutral citadels)in FW space. Maybe this is heavy handed, but FW space should be limited to those that actually participate in it. Pirates are free to have a neutral citadel and continue doing their thing, but FW players shouldn’t be able to dock in them to bypass being locked out of a system due to FW mechanics

This has been a topic i’ve been discussing a lot (not necessarily retention, but how to get newer players to stay and not be so afraid of doing things).

I think there should be more “goals” (or achievements if we want to use that word) that newer players can work towards with rewards. Losing ships as a new player can very daunting. So providing some ships along the racial line could be beneficial to help them bounce back from a loss quicker. CCP has already introduced “Volatile” type objects in EVE (skins). I think that’s something they could expand with ships/weapons as rewards (so they can’t be traded for free isk) and when the ship dies, those modules die and there is no isk appearing out of thin air.

While some people may claim things like “but you’re taking industry away from industrialists” i think in the scheme of things, a newbro buying a T1 destroyer to cruiser is a pretty small drop in the bucket. And if they stay because of a few hand-outs, that means they’ll be buying more ships in the future.

This could be especially interesting in FW. Once the newer players get bored in Highsec and want to try out PvP, you could provide rewards through the FW ranking system (that is currently unused) through either an outright “here’s a free T1 ship from your faction with some basic mods” to encourage them to go out and PvP/Venture into lowsec or some kind of faction stipend through LP to act as a slow passive isk trickle.

While that may exceed the scope of the “2 week period” i think providing players with a clear progression path of what they can do and what they could be rewarded with would help with retention. There is a lot going on in EVE and its easy to get lost. Sometimes baiting them with something shiny at the end might help them persevere through losses or get over the learning curve long enough to let the EVE hook grab them.

Some other low hanging fruit is make the story arc missions actually provide a decent reward and not make them super grindy. I think getting 10-20m from the SoE arc (i might be wrong, its been awhile) is kind of insulting in the scheme of things. As a new player, 10-20m is a lot, but if they lose a t1 cruiser, its all gone now. Shifting the rewards for new player specific activities up a little bit i think would also be helpful with retaining players.

Some good answers there. You’ve been added to my ballot.

Stitch is not only highly talented solo/small gang PVPer but also someone with some great ideas and the ability to engage critically. I highly recommend putting Stitch Kaneland on your ballot for CSM 15.


Awesome stuff. What would you say about LS in general. What would you like to change/improve?

I will vote for you.
I am an alt, btw.
But I played through a single character 80 % of my Eve life since 2005. The hard way, if you like.

I really like that you have done so much solo work, especially in battleships, and set out to tame the balance horse.

I’ve also watched many of your videos (Torpedo Dreams, comes to mind).

Thank you for publishing them, and thank you for going for CSM.

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