Stockholm Syndrome

 Stockholm Syndrome is a menace and needs to be dealt with and obliterated.  They are thugs and will do whatever they choose to piss people off and be a general thorn in the side.  This needs to stop, it is petty and vile.

I think that we need to band together and eliminate them and prevent them from returning to the game. They destroy what the game is supposed to be.

CCP: Do everyone a favor and create a war free space in each of the sectors.

Why do you hate Swedish people?


How to get a wardec in one easy step


To have a war free area, what are you prepared to give up also?

That is, to keep the risk-reward approach, if the risk is reduced, so will the reward.

No asteroid belts?
No missions?
No combat sites?
No data/relic sites?
No possibility of a market or contracts?
No Upwell structures allowed?
No POCO ownership?

How much of the reward will you be happy to trade away, to have less risk?


That area already exists. Its called the Singularity server.


It’s also just called an NPC Corp.

Completely war free.

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But its not completely tax free. You see, people like him are greedy. They want everything for themselves.

This is why the Singularity server is perfect for them. They can buy everything for a mere 100 isk.

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Dryson ? Is that you ??

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I told CCP not to create a war free space, it would prevent “us” to eliminate “them”.
Not sure who you target but i’ll start shooting proactively…
#Be more clear and concise next time

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War is only possible due to CONCORD.
Ergo, go to areas without CONCORD, and have a war free experience.

Enjoy your Null/wormhole career.

–Helpful Gadget


Or… you could identity with your attackers, and come to consider them as friends, comrades, brothers in arms, whatever. In other words, you could get Stockholm Syndrome regarding Stockholm Syndrome.


They don’t make trolls like they use to anymore.

I am disappointed.

Perhaps, I thought, the post will be about those of us who joined EVE, mined, missioned, but then encountered gankers and mercenaries, and begun to see the game they way they do.

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Call out threads like these are welcome in C&P, especially if done so with in game means.

But Calling for anyone entity removal from the game, or harassment to stop them from returning, is not welcome.