Stormbringer Abyss cant handle Cheating mechanic


how can u handle the t6 Abyss with 2 in a raw “Endobenthic Abyssal Overmind”. I have all skills on LVL 5, Master at MAX to fly this ship but its not possible to handle this mechanic. Why is this cheating mechanic in the game. I rly like challanging content but u have to beat them otherwise its ■■■■ ballance.

maybe your personal skill isnt at V ?

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There are people who do get past that room.

I’ve only run T0/T1 myself, are there people who succeed when rolling two consecutive overminds in the same run? didnt spot any youtube vids with a quick search

ur sozial skill is -5

have 100+ abyss done all T6

all i found was a lost with the stormbringer. you can find some example in YT shorts from @TorvaldUruz

this roll from rooms is a save kill. its not balanced because u cant do anything

Video ? or hear say

maybe it is…
or maybe i wanna blame a dude who´s not able to find a way through and said its cheating because he´s not good enogh …

enyone else must proofe you are wrong ? oO sounds wierd … and maybe not everybody record his eve game session that he got a video to proof he´s better then you

what is your contribution to the topic here ? have you ever flown a stormbringer on T6 or do you have any experience, any added value ?

Look, I don’t think you quite understand what this is about, I’m not alone. What I learned from my research today is that there are abyss runners who have significantly more experience than I do and are discussing exactly the rare but existent scenario with the stormbringer and that there is no cure for it.

and again, what is the point of launching this ship with the cost of 3.7 trillion ISK and investing with skill points if there is no remedy. The game gives nothing. do you get it now ?

before you want to talk about players and their skills, please disclose your skills and screenshot of your Abyss runs how much you have. After that you are gladly seen in this round again and if you have a clue then don’t have the clowns nose on when you have to talk people stupid from the side in the forum.


i just had a look at your forum history. you seem to have a lot of forum posts that are always about: “learn to play” “you suck” “according to zkillboard you are a bad player”.

you’re not EVE and you’re not adding value to the community with this kind of behavior.

Are you ok, can you be helped ?

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I am not going to do your research. I do enough in RL as it is. :joy:

I am stating a FACT that there are individuals in this game who have MASTERED t6 abyssals. There are guides on it on Youtube/google.

I speak only facts in this regard.

Bro T6 Stormbringer with this scenario is the talk. No one finished this scenario with Stormbringer for now

Alright here is another fact.

That ship has a NONEXISTANT alpha damage. Meaning it is horrible vs 1 very tanky NPC

The gila doesn’t have this problem. That is why gilas have been the meta for years.

I hope I educated you today as it is not the room. It is fatal weakness of the ship.

so now i need to profe how good i am ?

why you dont come with facts why its I M P O S S I B L E ! to do this ?

btw … not everybody need to be good at everything and i´m still one of them :slight_smile: and i know my strengt and weaknes :slight_smile: where do i say that not having the personal skill is a bad thing ? its normal

did anyone force you to fly T6 Abysal with an overpriced ship ? No ! so dont do this if you are not able to survive or if you still doing it, dont cry about it oO

again :slight_smile: i dont need to proofe my skills because i´m not a crybaby :wink:
everything i want, i can do without dieing ( except PvP )

99,99% of my posts are about such cryhards like you who wanna blame everyone else if they arent succesful… but maybe its just your fault and your personal skill oO
just run T5 instead of T6 and maybe you are fine …

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Fight ignorance with cold hard facts. It always wins lads.

wait the Stormbringer have no " NONEXISTANT alpha damage" ? oh ok i didnt know holy moly then i have to fly GILA or what is ur point ?


if this is true, why do you still using it and cry its impossible ?

why didnt you run T6 in a Cynabal ?

Yes? Gila has been the meta for years. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Drones do easy 500-2k+ alpha attacks.

ah ok mister i have the jacket on and want to make the world a better place and fight in the name of god the so called cryhards

you are a person who insults people in the forum. what you are for a nose we now know everything well. How do you actually look on the scale? 3 digits? how is your vitamin A budget actually, have been enough outside in the summer or was too much to do in the forum?

You are not the first claiming something is impossible in this game.

Get a gila and you can run t6 and not die when the 2 BS spawns.

yeah but stormbringer is the call. yeah i fly every ship for T6 thats possible to do this ■■■■ for 3-4 B invest but the stormbringer have an issue. and this is not fair and balanced thats the talk. and if anybody now more about this ship and scenario so it should emerge