StormWorks is Recruiting


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Who: StormWorks / SLYCE
Where: Deklein / nullsec
Why: PVP / PVE / indy
How: “Pub SW3RK”

Stormworks, is a mix of PVP/PVE/indy nullsec corp is looking for new friends to fly with. We are part of Solyaris Chtonium alliance, and the Guardians of the Galaxy coalition.
We live in Deklein, sov nullsec space. This region offers a perfect balance between PVP and ISK making possibilities. Horde is nearby to provide constant content, and many roaming gangs visit us daily. There are plenty of fun fleets to join on alliance level, and our corp likes to organize small gang fleets also. Formed of mostly of 21+ pilots, but we will take younger if they are mature enough. SP isn’t too much of an issue now a day if you know what you want to do and can train towards some of the defensive fits our alliance and coalition use for fleets.

Idea What do we offer?
Discord chat, Plenty of PVP opportunities Great ISK making possibilities, Mature Environment, Helpful CEO and corpmates, Small gang roams, laid back environment, this is our mentality life comes first. For Indy guys there are buyback programs, for pvpers there are bounty rewards for kills and top monthly performers.

Idea What do we require?
Real Life comes first, there are trackers for corp level participation, we ask you show up to what you can for fleets. There is no ridged participation- RED PEN fleets we like to have as max as possible people who can show do so. Once again though RL comes first I am not going to ask you skip work, abandon the wife or anything else.

Leave your ego behind - self-explanatory Be able to PVP or willing to learn -Willing to contribute to the Corp in some way. If you want just to bear, than this space/corp/alliance is not for you Full API - yes, you will be checked, no, this does not mean we gain access to your account Be active - within reason
All time zones are welcome, currently we are a mix of EU/US guys. If you are interested, join us in “Pub SW3RK” channel for a chat, where we can help answer your questions or you can also write me directly.

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Just added a member looking for more to join come on down to PUB SW3RK chat if you have any questions.

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