Story behind the Golem (Corporate Espionage? Lai Dai X Ishukone)

For some reason, i was under the impression that i had already read the Ruthless novella, but found out that i hadn’t. So i went ahead and read it.

One thing raised one of my eyebrows ever so slightly though… In there, we find out the story behind the Raven, how it was developed by Ishukone (or rather, by Ishukone’s CFO) to serve as the new flagship “super capital ship” (that made me smile) for the Caldari Navy.

Yeah. But. Then i remembered that on the Golem’s description page, it states that IT was developed by Lai Dai. So, what gives? Did Lai Dai manage to improve on Ishukone’s design? And even if it did, wouldn’t there be several lawsuits involved?

I tried to look for any info regarding the backstory to this but found none. Has anyone ever written anything about this? Sounds like it could make for a nice story.

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