Storyline notification isn't working well

So I play multiple characters on multiple accounts. I am only able to do about 1/2 of the storyline missions I earn from agents… because they #*$# disappear too quickly.

First, the brief flash of small type in the lower corner announcing a storyline mission is insufficient notice. How about a screen flash and a box displaying it as something special? Second, the generation of the mission is often delayed until I’ve signed off that character and gone on to play something else. Hey, this is a computer and it should be INSTANT as soon as I complete the 16th mission! I’ve missed many, many of these because I didn’t even notice them or they came after I signed off.

In this case, the storyline agent refused to talk to me LESS THAN 24 HOURS from the generation of the mission. I have a screen shot. That is an unreasonably short period of time, especially when I didn’t even know about the mission and just noticed it by chance! I’ve let this go multiple times, but I’m irritated about it today.

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Yeah, I can understand how frustrating it can be, especially since the Storyline notice usually happens about 5 to 10 minutes after the 16th mission is completed.

However there’s other notifications than just a quick message flashed on the screen to let you know there’s a Storyline offer available.

The Mission Journal should have it listed and more importantly, Storyline Agents will send you an Eve Mail asking for your help. The Mail icon will flash when they send it, as long as you have that option selected in the Eve Mail settings window.

It’s also highlighted in the Agency. The top left of that screen says :new:

I assume you use the agency anyway to get to your agents?

You’ll also see storyline agent anywhere you dock in agent’s list in station.

If you are missing the notifications - maybe you dont need to multitask multiple characters on multiple accounts?

You should file a bug report with all the evidence. And if you have missed that mission because of bug i think it is possible to file support ticket but dont quote me on that.

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