Storytime bonus round: The Tribeswoman who sold the Krusual a slightly used airstrip

Once upon a time after the Darkness there was a Sebiestor airstrip owned by the local clans. Originally, it was the main airstrip in the region, but as the closest city grew and a spaceport was established, the old-fashioned airport fell out of use. It was still occasionally used, for cargo, some of it illicit, and for military, some of it also somewhat shady, but not that often.

In time, potholes appeared in the runway, and gaps were made in the chainlink fence. Eventually, it was brought up at the local moot that someone should take care of the damned place.

“It’s not on my clan’s lands,” said some.
“It’s not like we use it anyway,” said others.
“Whoever broke the fence should mend it, not us”, said a third one.
“We have never laid a claim to the strip”, they all said.

And the airstrip was forgotten, and mostly got used by smugglers, and sometimes hunters, and often no one.

Years later, troubled times hit the region, and it became under attack by foreigners. The situation was chaotic, and the Krusual, as is their way, immediately made their way in to the lands of the tribe.

“Sell us that old airstrip,” they said, “and we will make sure the government protects you from the foreigners.”
“Deal,” said a tribeswoman, and it was done, and they got a good price for it, and the outsiders settled in, and built their own barracks, and started to build defences.

It could have ended there, but suddenly, everyone had a interest.

We will sell you the place, as it is our old ancestral lands,” said one impoverished clan.
“We would never sell the tribe’s lands, but you can use our ancient premises, as long as you pay us lease,” said another.
“We would never give our traditional turf to an outsider,” said the third.

“Excuse me,” said the tribe. “Yesterday none of you wanted the place. It is communal property, and should me managed as such.”
“Excuse me,” said the outsiders. “We are already here and it’s ours now.”

“We are going to sue,” said pretty much everyone.

And the case went to jurisdiction court, and stayed there for the next twenty years, but the tribeswoman who had first approached the outsiders lived happily ever after.

Here endeth the story. Who can tell me what the moral is?


It always pays to sell what isn’t yours?


When life gives you cement, build a runway. Someone else will make money off it.


That the people of Dokvat could, potentially be the greatest con men and business folk of the Tribes.

…if they were ever to lay off the rotgut.

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Take the initiative when the opportunity presents itself.


Life’s easier when you’re the person who creates the problem than it is when you’re the person who has to deal with the problem?


That the Krusual always make wonderful faceless bad guys.

Well, this one is in fact based on a true story, and last I checked Efrits are Krusual.

Efrits are one clan out of many.

And it isn’t the story itself I take issue with so much as this line:

You chose to characterize all Krusual as base, manipulative scoundrels. That’s like me saying that all Sebiestor are conniving cheapskates.

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You mean we aren’t? :wink:

The Krusual - not all of them, but many of them - tend to pride themselves in being cunning and ruthless, taking initiative, and putting their own tribe first. Just because you do not share those values, does not mean they are negatives.

This story describes the Krusual seeing an opening, and moving to take it, in a peaceful manner, paying due compensation. It is written from a Sebiestor perspective, so of course there is rivalry here, but it does in fact not put the Krusual in such a bad light. The butt of the joke are the kin who did not see the obvious coming, and were only interested in taking care of their property after an outside butted in.

As you will, as always.

Someone can get away with a lot, if they just keep their mouth shut.


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