Strange in game e-mail

are in game e-mails any dangerous?
just recieved an in game e-mail with nothing on it. with the message: MAIL CACHE ERROR.
there is something wrong with the e-mail cache file.
the sender was a 2 days old char.
shoud i be concerned?

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Was probably trying to cause just this right here. Concern and un-needed bug reports.
I bet ISK it’s a trolling character made just for this for reasons unknown.

No, but beware phishing like usual (links you don’t recognize).

No. People are able to send Eve Mails programmatically. This means a computer program tried to spam you, but it had an issue inside the program, and the person who designed it sucks at coding. Rather than internally stopping itself from sending mails when it fails, it sent you garbage instead.

A lot of these people sit in Jita or starter systems and just copy-paste Local and spam those people.

Pretty sure spamming via the API is against the terms and conditions. If they knew which app it was that would be a pretty clear cut path for an app ban.