Stratios fit. I need inspiration

If anyone have a good stratios fit then please post it and also tell me about it and why you think its good. I need some inspiration so that I can improve my own fits.

Never flown it as it is Omega only so no personal experience but in case you haven’t checked this yet there are plenty of fits here (and I assume other similar websites):

EVE Workbench: Stratios fits.

Ashy’s pages are always worth looking at…


No, it isn’t. You simply can’t use covop cloak. But for example, for highsec PvE you don’t need one. And it’s decent platform for alpha players to use heavy drones on cruiser hull. After VNI probably only one.

Oh right… and for some reason this is not the first time this happens. I guess subconsciously I treat it as a cloaked exploration vessel thus cloak being an essential part of it or whatever. Any kind of cloak is Omega only though.

It really really depends what you’re using it for.

Fits for exploration, ratting, solo PVP and fleet PVP all look very different. Since they’re so expensive now they’re not really cost effective for any of those roles either.

The Vexor Navy is about 1/3 the price of the Stratios though… and better overall for PvE. Rep bonus vs. Resist… better bonuses for drones (VNI gets a tracking bonus). And Stratios’s energy range bonus isn’t that good for PvE.

The only big advantage to the Stratios is the look and the scanning bonus.

Granted, the

But VNI isn’t pure drone boat. Yes, it’s better but you absolutely need to manage two weapon systems. And some simply don’t want to deal with that.

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