Stratios & Loki counters?

I just moved into WH space and notice a lot of Stratios and Loki. What ship would be a decent counter to them? Preferred ship for solo hunting and preferred ship ( or ship types) as a quick reaction force?. I know some of this will probably vary since both those ships can employ different fits.

It depends on the situation, do you fly solo or in fleets most of the time?

This would be for solo but have plans on doing fleet stuffs in the future.

You don’t really have direct counters against those so for solo stuff i use buffer shield mwd stratios or ham loki to kite them and GTFO if i can’t handle the situation. Being able to disengage is a must.

so basically its if you cant beat em join em lol

If you are talking about a certain loki loss followed by a change of corp, there’s more behind than just a poor loki loss.

Your biggest issue with lokis is they can dictate the range of the fight and disengage if they must. Stratios isn’t to bad to counter if you can catch it. My proteus eats them alive.

Drop a super on them that’s what everyone does?

Supers in home system sure but not for hunting other WH

1v1 “home def.” - Bhaalgorn ^^
I know it’s a bs, but considering how cheap it is and how much the Ashimmu sucks… Gives big middle finger to neuts on the strat, can tank both, disables tank if they are active, if kited can mjd away.

Hard to give one specific ship/ fit since strat and t3c can be fit multiple ways. What will eat a buffor tanked armor strat might get dunked by a brawling dualrep/ shield kiting one.

For hunting an alt in a “harmless” ship (scanning frig, astero, prospect)+ whatever you like for dps. Unless you specifically hunt those pvp stratioses and lokis (won’t be uncloaked in wh’s and doing pve so idk how you would hunt that. Bait?)

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