What is a good, Non triglavian, counter to a T3c

As the subject is really, I recently moved to null and read intel of a lot of solo T3cs around, id like to try and fight them but not sure what with.

Another T3c

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Is that it? the only counter to a T3c is another T3c?

Not the only counter, but the only one I am aware of
Edit: battleships and heavy assault cruisers will do the trick

OK, HACs and BS i can fly, so i’ll work on some options, thanks.

I recently learned that a Paladin is a great counter to a Tengu. Just understand that a lot of those T3Cs are not actually solo.

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A well fit BS should counter every T3C. You propably need 800dps tank against those HAM Tengus/Lokis. A heavy Neut is also a gamechanger.

So a tripple Ancil Raven should work quite well.
A double rep Hyperion should also work.

Will you be able to hold them down? Will be hard against AB T3Cs. So bringing a friend for more webs and burst is nice to have.

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The issue with ‘solo’ T3Cs roaming around is that they are often the hunter for their blops fleet. Once they get you, they light a covops cyno and the rest of their fleet jumps through.

A bomber for hunting is easily killed, but a CovOps interdiction nullified T3C is great to roam around to find something to drop your fleet on.

A good counter is a bait assault cruiser with enough defences and tackle, and most importantly a counter fleet to respond immediately when they take your bait. Ishtars are a common sight ratting in havens, so if you can use one of those people are less likely to expext bait.


Heavy neuts, especially the faction ones (and deadspace ones) with crazy range.

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Try a Stratios.
Since last T3 -update they are compleetly crap and nerved into the ground.

Buffer Proteus is not a proper T3C and does not count lol.
Stratios cant fight Lokis, Tengus or Legions.

2 t3cs

BS, BC, or HACs

On one hand you are right, a buffer-T3C is not a clever choice for an 1v1 engagement.
But I didn’t start that fight.
I was buisy with a Magnate-Gank as the unlucky Proteus dropt me.

On the other hand in a fleetcombat I would always prefer bufferfits, cos I have logi-support.

But btt, I just wanted to point out there are many ways to kill a cat.
And if the T3-pilot is dump enough you can kill a Tengu with an Astero

T3 cruisers are very susceptible to neuting as most of them use an active tank. Fill some of your high slots with neuts and you have a T3c killer.

I had a fleet of three neuting Endurances pick a Proteus apart and nibble it to death.


Phew, that’s cruel, I like that :smiley:

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