Stratios PVE, HS DED 4/10, Angel Cartel - Exp/Ki, Fits?

Any recommendation for pve Stratios for Angel HS 4/10 ded sites and escalations, Explosiv and Kinetic damage and armor ship?

I’m wondering mostly about lows and rigs? Should I use exp. resistance and 2 rep, with 3 rep rigs, or maybe reactive and one rep with energized membrane, but with exp. resistance rig? Or maybe 3 drone damage, energized and 1 rep with 3 rep rigs would be enough? Skills are good.

And yes, I know that Gila or Cynabal are better, but slow scanning is killing me, and I don’t want to go to Amarr or Gallente.

ratting in stratios is a chore.
get yourself a scanner ship (frigate) and a combat ship.

The Stratios has enough mids to get a decent shield tank. If you skip the meagerly bonused laser turrets (which are not that great against Angel NPCs anyway) you should get enough fitting-space to use for tank and a focus on drone damage.

That’s what I would try.
Maybe a passive tank with 100mn. But I’m not very familiar with the Angel 4/10.

Vaga or Sleipner will be able to fit a probe launcher and the proper bonused shield tank and ammo types for angels…

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Take a mobile depot with you and change the fitting slots of your choice.
Exploration mode:
High: 3 med beam lasers, probe launcher, covert ops
Mid: relic and data analyzer, large battery, mwd, cargo scanner
low: Tank to your liking, drone damage amplifier, I highly recommand a reactive hardener additional to a normal active hardener…especially because of the explosive resist whole in your armor.
rig: your choice depending on your playstyle
drones to your liking

Combat mode:
High: 4 med beam lasers, covert ops
mid: AB, web, large battery (the same as above), application modules for drones and turrets (especially if you use sentries) otherwise modules of your liking e.g. more e-war options
low: theoretically the same as above
rig: same as above
drones: same as above.

In both cases both t2 laser crystals to match different ranges.
Personally I like the sniping capability from the combination given by sentries and long range crystals.

Take it as an idea. It takes some exercise to get to used to switching gear with the help of a mobile depot but you can do it also in battle and this gives you a lot of options.
I would recommand to insert at least one container to your cargo to sort things and to increase net cargo space. Personally I use a medium and a small one.

Personally I use this ship to able to encounter nearly verything I scan down. Its a compromise of course. Because there are other specialized ships who perform better in case of combat. And Angel DED 4/10 is the worst choice for a statios because of the explo armor whole. All other high sec pirate factions are more easy in case Stratios armor resistances. E.g. I use the same fitting for Serpentis and Guristas.

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