Stratios versus Gila - High sec combat site + data/relic

Hey everyone.

I am looking for options, I love to do relic/data site and I wanted to start doing the combat site. I am in-between the Statios and Gila. I’m not far from both.

Looking for pros and cons.

Thank everyone.

Gila has more DPS, harder to destroy drones and more convenient tank but no analyzer module and probe launcher bonuses.
Stratios has probe bonus, analyzer bonus and with Sentries it can dish out some nice instant dps. If you just want to run the combats, a Gila would be better, but if you also want to run relics and datas, a Stratios is better. Plus point of the Stratios: It can be fitted easily for PVP. Scram, web, cap booster, AB, neuts in the highs, pretty nasty.

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My goal is to stay in HS so PVP is a big no-go for me.

What about “escalation” would the stratios be fine?

:red_circle: Depends on the escalations. It can easily run 4/10s and most 5-6/10 should not be an issue either with some manual piloting. Since it can warp cloaked, moving into and out of low sec is relatively painless, too.


Its dependent on how much you need the scan bonus you get from the stratios.

4 drones vs 2 drones. and possibility of instant dps. 90% of targets are frigs and destroyers.
You don’t need that dps. It’s how fast you can kill stuff and stratios allows you to do that faster. But it will be more expensive, to face tank everything you need to bling it quite much and while using sentries you are siting at warp in point. Gila and others can MWD to next gate and be ahead of you.
It’s more about personal preference and what looks good for you not performance.

If you want blitz them as fast as possible you need to take look at blaster hecate.

also, the stratios can warp cloaked, the gila cannot :wink:

It gives no benefit in hisec. Wasted fiting space if you ask me.

oups my bad i only read the post from OP, not the title. Only the title talks about hi sec.

I’ve used both and Stratios is way better in almost every way to the point that I don’t see why I would ever used a Gila for high-sec combat sites.

  • Stratios can use 4 sentry drones, which are the best drones to quickly clear a room. Drop them, order each one of them to attack 1 target and you’ll destroy frigates faster than a Gila would ever do.
  • It can go safely through low-sec to reach those juicy high sec islands thanks to it’s cloak.
  • Easier time to scan, usually takes 1 less cycle to scan a site.
  • Lots of utility mid-slots for drone damage application or in your case relic/data analyzers.
  • Can blitz a lot of unrated complex where you usually have to snipe a particular rat/structure thanks to the sentry drones

Gila is just too slow to clear site, and it’s ■■■■ to snipe an overseer in case there is someone else is the site with you (except if the overseer is a structure, then Gila might be better because it has higher dps).

However, Gila requires less skillpoints to pilot, so it is a good choice for beginners.


Anyone willing to share a decent stratios fit?

Here’s the one I’m using, it can run every high-sec sites juste switch drones depending on the rats you’re fighting. The turrets are not needed, so if can’t fit them just skip them. For the mid-slots you only need to keep the mwd and the cap battery, the rest is up to you.

In the 5/10 however you need to switch a DDA for a second repper to survive the last room. Also need to change a tracking link to a cap battery.

[Stratios, Simulated Stratios Fitting]
Corpum C-Type Medium Armor Repairer
Reactive Armor Hardener
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
True Sansha Multispectrum Energized Membrane

50MN Quad LiF Restrained Microwarpdrive
Alumel-Wired Enduring Sensor Booster
Omnidirectional Tracking Link II
Republic Fleet Large Cap Battery
Sentient Omnidirectional Tracking Link

Drone Link Augmentor I
Sisters Core Probe Launcher
Covert Ops Cloaking Device II
True Sansha Focused Medium Beam Laser
True Sansha Focused Medium Beam Laser

Medium Auxiliary Nano Pump II
Medium Auxiliary Nano Pump I
Medium Auxiliary Nano Pump I

Hornet II x5
Hammerhead II x5
Ogre II x4
Warden II x4
Garde II x4
Hobgoblin II x5

Optimal Range Script x2
Tracking Speed Script x2
Targeting Range Script x1
Scan Resolution Script x1
Imperial Navy Multifrequency M x2
Sisters Core Scanner Probe x8
Imperial Navy Standard M x4
Nanite Repair Paste x45
Imperial Navy Radio M x4

I believe the Ishtar is superior to both. It is what I use.

In terms of combat I would agree. The stratios has some flexibility in scan and hack bonuses. and covert if you want to chase that escalation into LS more safely.


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