Streamfleet Showdown Invitational 2 - Tournament VoDs and Feedback Thread

Hello everyone - as we had to announce at the time - it wasn’t possible for the tournament we had planned to be streamed live. However, after a few weeks hard work, scheduled around Streamfleet going all the way to Russia and back again to help CCP at that event, and recording sessions all through the week with a nearly 20 person strong commentary team - We’ve finally been able to bring you a VoD for all of the matches of Day 1 for your enjoyment!

If you’re curious about the rules or format, please check the official post here!

I would like to thank the community for their feedback on the issues we had with our initial few videos, as they helped us identify and address issues that we hadn’t noticed, with recorded content not being what we had planned our production schedule around. I would welcome any feedback on anything, from how long the commentators spend breaking down fits and teams, the format itself, or even how big a certain piece of the UI is. We might not be able to fix it for the final day, but it will be invaluable for us improving the quality of any future tournaments.

In order to prevent spoilers, I’ve presented the VoDs as simple YouTube links in a table below, but I’d advise you watch them before scrolling down, as I hope there’s at least a little discussion on the matches themselves in the comments!

Game Red Team vs. Blue Team YouTube
1 Stay Frosty vs. Templis Calsf YouTube
2 Spooky Action at a Distance vs. Ol’ Daddy J’s Best Bois YouTube
3 Zero Talent vs. Red vs Blue YouTube
4 Brave Nubbies vs. House Goondor YouTube
5 Winner of 1 vs. Winner of 2 YouTube
6 Loser of 1 vs. Loser of 2 YouTube
7 Winner of 3 vs. Winner of 4 YouTube
8 Loser of 3 vs. Loser of 4 YouTube
9 Loser of 5 vs. Loser of 7 YouTube
10 Winner of 6 vs. Winner of 8 YouTube

We hope to get the VoDs of the Second Day of the tournament up soon, where the teams competed for the following prizes;

  • First place: Apostle Lavacore Imperial SKIN and 500 PLEX per player.
  • Second place: Drekavac Metamateria Exotica SKIN and 200 PLEX per player
  • Third place: Hecate Caille Neon SKIN and 100 PLEX per player

Thank you for your interest!

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