Streamfleet Showdown Invitational


(CCP Dopamine) #1

Greetings, Pilots,

Exciting times ahead of us! Please feel free to discuss about and share your thoughts on the upcoming Streamfleet Showdown Invitational tournament in this thread :slight_smile:

(Jin'taan) #2

Just to clarify, the LSI’s and +5’s are being sponsored by myself - No SP out of thin air here folks!

(Cpt WhiteEye) #3

Ah thank god i recognise 2 names of 8 and its invitational.

You guys need to boost marketing a bit more because 95% of the players never heard of any of theese teams other than Templis and RVB or not even them. Ofc we can guess who they are but that doesnt make theam a team to be called into an invitational tournament. This is not Counter Strike and there should be a lead up to invitational tournaments.

Are they streamers who got teams? Are theese just big alliances teams? We pretty much know nothing about them at this point. And not in a bad way but jsut that makes me go “Meh” i dont know if i want to watch it or not since i know nothing about it.

PS.: I almost never see “StreamFleet” on stream. They must have a really messed up scheduel but not once iv seen a stream from: it? them?.

(Ms Moses) #4


You are right in that we havent streamed on the streamfleet channel so much in the past - we typically run events on the ccp channel. With the SSI we will be using our own twitch much more and hopefully for more events in the future.

More information about the teams will be coming in the next week…

(Mizhir) #5

From left to right:

  • GMVA
  • Goons
  • Brave
  • RvB
  • Stay Frosty
  • A mixed group of smallgang ppl I think
  • Smallgang ppl

(Hun Tra) #6

This is gonna be fun! :smiley:

(Jin'taan) #7

Zero Talent are a mix of NC. and Tuskers who decided to compete together

Spooky Action are a mix of Hydra and the people they roam with on TQ

They’re effectively the “AT Veteran” teams and were some of the most influential people to helping motivate me to put this tournament together, as tournaments are the main reason they continue to play the game :slight_smile:

I hope to do a much larger set of qualifying rounds in the future, but I don’t want to overextend my organisational capacity - Putting on a smaller and more focused viewing experience is my goal for now, and any feedback you have on what would improve it is appreciated!

(Cpt WhiteEye) #8

+1 For Jin’taan. Now i will watch just because i know Hydra will be there.

(Lucas Quaan) #9

This aged well…