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When you start EVE, it’s really simple to hide the UI, but It’s necessary to have it on while playing, which is a bit of a problem when it comes to streaming. I want to stream, I don’t want to get ganked while mining with billions in assets. It’s one thing to mine in and not stream it’s a whole other to stream and mine. It takes hours to clear a field and delaying the the stream with a couple of minutes isn’t going to change anything. Censoring 70% of the screen isn’t working that well either, because you can’t really censor the right click menu, and you are going to open it in a non-censored area of the screen no matter what. So Why not just have it that you start a streaming mode in-game where it changes everything to a ui free output for SLOBS or OBS, or which other streaming software that is used.

Is it possible to perhaps clone the output as one with the ui and one without? That way you can stream the one without a UI and use the one with a UI. The second option is to have multiple and just stream one without a UI which is just an observer, that is a waste of money to be honest. To pay 15€ to stream, and even then it’s probably going to show titles and names of fields and planets and other stuff.

Is it possible to do any of these?

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I guess it’s possible to stream one screen when you have multiple.

Set your EVE up to play across multiple screens, drag all the necessary UI you want to hide to one screen and stream the other.

If you want pretty pictures, center your ship to the ‘stream’ screen (there’s a slider in the settings) and fully zoom in. :wink:

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