Strong Fax/Carrier Pilot 42.7M (Caldari, Minmatar)

Selling myself. Strong, mostly focused, fax/carrier pilot.
No killboard history.

Password: 1234

NPC Corp

42.7M SP
Zero unallocated.
Skill remap available.
Bonus remaps available: 2

Location Amarr
No Jumpclones.

Positive wallet & sec status
No Kill rights.
Interesting name if you’re into that.

I pay transfer fee.

Im definitely into watching said name…but I’m curious as to if CCP allows name changes

Ticket has been submited for a possible name change so this character might be a namable character.

30 bill

Thanks for your offer but it is a bit to low

  • What price do you expect to sell it at?

35 Bill * It’s a reasonable price

Thank you for your offer I am considering it

Waiting for your reply.

Waiting for ccp to respond to my name change ticket.


Sale will end soon current highest offer 35 bil

There is no other offer

Currently there is no other offer, sale will end soon if you still have the highest bid by that time the character will be yours

Has CCP approved your application for change of name?

Request was declined i asked them if the name big tits was appropriate waiting for a second response

This was brought to the attention of a panel of Game Masters working on offensive name reports and was voted to be acceptable. Please let me know if I can help you with anything else in the meantime.

Best Regards,
GM Morrigan
CCP Player Experience | EVE Online

Let me know if your offer still stands.

35 for bo

Sale will end in 8 hours. If you are the highest bidder by than the character is yours.

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please send the account info and isk

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I’m the payer.
Receipient: Cctv91533