Structure Disruption Generator

Structure Disruption Generator

As we all know the Ageis sov mechanics and the current structure mechanics are some of the most hotly debated issues at this moment. I have been thinking of a solution to this and have come up with this; the “Structure Disruption Generator” (SDG), which will function akin to the Sovereignty Blockade Units of before, but with some changes.

This item would be a new deployable which would replace the current player defined vulnerability mechanic, and is used as follows:


  1. The SDG is deployed within range of a structure ( ~100km or whatever). (Meant to be within range of the defenses of the structure)
  2. The SDG must be activated using an Entosis Link, with an activation time tied to the index of the system.
  3. Once activated the structure is now vulnerable and open to attack like they are now.
  4. The rest of the flow would be the same as it is now.


  1. Force the attacking force off the SDG.
  2. Shoot it. (Would have a sizeable amount of EHP)
  3. Once it is destroyed the structure is secure again and another attack would have to be organized.


  • The disruption abilities of the generator prevents the structure itself from locking it to destroy it. i.e. the structure can help force off the attacking fleet but still requires player intervention to destroy it.

  • The sizeable amount of EHP is meant to prevent small solo operations of defending. i.e. 1 guy in a tristan can’t easily go kill it, as well as generating killmails :).

  • The amount of SDGs needed to force a structure depends on the size of it. i.e. A keepstar would require more of them online than a Raitaru.

  • The SDG would probably also be tied to a change in the number of reinforced cycles, so that the smaller ones are easier to kill.

  • The SDG itself would probably be made from mostly PI materials, possibly with a few of each racial T2 comps.

Possible other ideas:

  • Have it do a set amount of damage to the structure while online not included in the DPS limit when the SDG is not contested. So smaller forces are able to guerilla reinforce undefended structures more quickly, and so it wouldn’t take as long to destroy undefended structures in general.

  • The SDG could also have various effects on the structure, such as disabling tether, repair, cloning et once a certain amount are online. Similar to the services in the old stations.

  • TBD

So… bypass the whole point of timers to mean you dont have to babysit a structure 23/7. And you can’t even deal with it by a structure gunner. Yeah nope


bypass the whole point of timers

Timers would still be a thing. This would just move the time zone tanking portion of structure vulnerability to a more player based mechanic.

All this does is move a structure from secured to vulnerable.

After that initial change, there would still be timers like now, or even better, have these timers be set by players. Such as setting it for X eve time, and actual timer could be plus minus 2 hours from that time chosen randomly.

you can’t even deal with it by a structure gunner

You can use the structure gunner to force the hostiles off your structure, but having to actually form a little fleet to deal with the structures themselves. Could also be made that they could expire if not interacted with in x time?

If you can turn up and make a structure vulnerable at any time, then no vulnerability timers are no longer a valid thing. Meaning unless you am a mega blob you simply can’t defend my structure 23/7 so it can be reinforced with no risk at all of getting contested.
Sure there are then subsequent timers but the whole point of having the initial vulnerability timer is so you know when it’s potentially attackable and can be ready to form a defence for the first timer if you want.


True, however it is not like someone is going to be contesting it all the time.

Even with the current mechanics, if someone shows up unexpectedly during the vulnerability time, chances are you won’t be able to put together a support fleet in time.

This is what the other timers should be used for.

The current vulnerability timer pretty much only prevents groups of opposite time zones from actually attacking each other. Or plopping down a structure and cant get rid of it for a week since the vulnerability timer is set later in the week.

You’re missing the point. The whole point of defender selected defense windows is that your corp that plays in Russian prime-time can’t make a free lunch out of my corp’s Citadel even though we’re similarly sized, just because you play at a time when all of the members in my US West Coast focused Corp are asleep.

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