Structure timers shouldn't matter when low power

When structures go low power they still retain their timer set by the defender. If they are attacked when low power then they will still come out during the ± 3 hour window set by the defender. I feel that defenders should be somewhat punished for allowing their structures to go low power and propose that low power structures that get bashed should come out ±3 hours from when they were bashed, not from their set timer. Another remedy would be if the timer could be manipulated by hacking the structure when in low power. Currently the game favours US / EU timezone heavy corps and the majority of structures are thus set to these times. This restricts the opportunities for players in other timezones and makes the gameplay stagnant regarding contesting and looting these structures.

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I disagree. Why should defenders be punished for practicing loot denial? Moreover, I assert that this will actually increase the chances of uncontested structure bashes, which I consider to be boring content. So, this will reduce alarm clocking, but it certainly won’t make it less stagnant.

Plus, the whole reason we have such mechanics is so that people could anchor things in space, and not have to worry about their stuff getting destroyed while they were offline. I know that a lot of people get annoyed with TZ tanking, but I personally believe that the good outweighs the bad.


I have difficulty seeing fueling one’s station as punishment. The price and availability of fuel though, THAT I can see as punishment.

Refueling schedules are totally predictable though.

It makes no sense that something that is low power should have the same defensive mechanisms as a fully fuelled structure. Don’t want your structure to be susceptable to being killed out of your prefered timezone? Then fuel your station. It’s really not that difficult.

Also why should some timezones get all the opportunities to loot these stations that are going abandoned while others have 0 counterplay?

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Nationalism and favoritism…two of many of the pathetic personality scourages of mankind.

It doesn’t really.

A low power structure is missing the armour timer. It does indeed have less defensive ability.

I’m not sure there is a problem here. If a structure is in a low power state a timer is started, and if nothing is done in ~7 days, the structure becomes abandoned and you can clear it out in any time zone. If someone is actively defending the structure and just playing some sort of fuel games, they are normally entitled to the armour timer which would be in their time zone anyway. There is no difference, here - if someone is actively managing/defending the structure you have to face at least one timer in their TZ.

Given that it is probably reasonable to both: 1) have a 7-day grace period to allow people to fuel a structure that runs out before it can be killed in one go, and b) allow people at least one timer to defend in their time zone, everything is pretty much working as intended.

TLDR; just wait a week and you can clear them out in your TZ, or, if they are defending it you to have to at least give them one chance to defend in their TZ.

There is a random 24-hour jitter on when a structure becomes abandoned for exactly this reason. There is no advantage for any particular time zone.

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Yes, sure there is a 24 hour jitter, but if someone bashes it while it’s low power they push the structure into reinforced mode, meaning it goes abandoned WHILE in reinforced and the timer now suits them, giving them the advantage and it not being random. Therefore there is an advantage to playing in one of the primary timezones. All the owner has to do to negate any of this is fuel their structure while the aggressors wait for their wardec to go live.

I mean, the owner is playing games here, but the structure isn’t really abandoned if they are fueling, unfueling and reinforcing their own structure. You should have to face them at least once in their own time zone.

If it is truly abandoned, I can see how this might advantage one group over another competing for the abandoned structure (the one in the same TZ as the structure) . I’m not sure there is an easy solution though. I guess switching to the abandoned state could add some jitter to an existing reinforcement time or something, but I am still not sure how big an issue this is. The attackers don’t have any control over when the TZ was set, so it kinda just is the roll of the dice for everyone - sometimes they are in your TZ and you benefit, and sometimes they won’t be.

First, I have bashed a structure or two with different groups in different areas of space. From what I observed (I play in all 3 TZ on weekends, and am the type of player who alarm clocks), structures are coming out of reinforced mode at all times of day, and abandoned structures are available at all times of day. Thus, I dispute the idea that any TZ is getting the shaft here. True, I’m sure that some TZ’s have more content than others, but that is not the same as one TZ getting screwed over.

Do you want content? Then I suggest you start scouting structures. It’s really not that difficult (especially if you are smart about it).

Third, you said that the current mechanics cause the game play around contesting structures to be stagnant. However, your proposed changes will make the problem worse, not better. For example, many players will strip structures as a form of loot denial, but may still contest timers based upon the strength of their relative form ups. Thus, pushing the structure timers to that of the attackers preference will just help ensure even more undefended structure bashes.

As far as I’m concerned, this is yet another example of someone asking for their enemies be nerfed, purely out of self-interest, and not a desire to make the game better overall.


They are punished, but a fraction of the shield and armor and you can hit both timers at the same time.

Isn’t that punishment enough!!!

I’m sorry but you totally missed the point I’m making. Others have options that I don’t due to timezone. They are taking advantage of the preset timer to bash a strucure and deny it’s abandoned timer and push something that should be in my timezone into theirs. They are the ones denying me being able to contest. Now if the structure came out of reinforced the moment it went abandoned, then that would be a completely different story. This would be a lot more fair and random, and would spread them out equally over all timezones.

We’ve already got the abandoned state for structures that are unfueled for seven days. That should be enough. As noted elsewhere here “low power” is a state that happens not only from lack of fuel, but also from active attacks. It isn’t an indication that something is abandoned.

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I don’t think you understand the process of structure timers and structure states.

You should brush up on this. If someone is indeed [quote=“Melliandria, post:11, topic:301527”]
taking advantage of the preset timer to bash a strucure
[/quote] it is intended gameplay.

If this structure has a module online and fuel inside of it; not going abandoned is intended gameplay. The low power you see in structure is these modules going offline for losing the armor timer. If the hull timer is defended the structure goes back to full power if the modules have fuel.

7 days of no fuel sends it into abandoned status. (too little time period for something so significant if you ask me but that’s the deal.)

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