Stuck in plex by external factor

(Icarius) #1

After killing a war target in his mission plex, i was unable to warp out and got a constant message : you can not warp because of external factor…

  • i was not stuck in any structures in the plex
  • i could not warp to any object … gates, planets, stations, i had always the same stupid message.
  • i was not scrambled, no icons or scramble notifications
  • i could move freely in the plex while the faction navy was shoting me … but i do not have an infinite armor buffer … and i died.
    System: chaven 1.0

It’s new, you can be stuck in a mission plex with no way of escaping …
Note … my alt in a legion could not warp either.
I had to look at my ship burning thank you.
Losing my ship is not a problem as long i do not lose it to bugs or stupid game play

(Tiddle Jr) #2

Did you submit bug report?

(Icarius) #3

of course
but every one should know there are some plex from you can warp away

(system) #4

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