Stuck on launcher version 1456374

So when I open eve online, it pops up with the downloading new version pop up window. It says press ok to apply the update or cancel to stay on the current version. I press ok and it says i can launch the accounts, the little blue play icons show up, however it stays on version 1456374 for the launcher version. If I try to launch a client it show up as the account added to the start up queue however it never launches. I’ve tried clearing the cache, verifying the files, and a full restart but nothing has worked. Is there a way to get this fixed without a full re-installation?

Also the client version is 1621792, launcher version is 1456374, and the launcher ui version is 6.2.12.

If your launcher version is that old then please uninstall the launcher and then reinstall with the latest version. You can get the latest version for here:

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