Stuck on loading resources

Stuck on the black screen with the “loading resources” in the lower left hand side.

I have the exact same problem.

You can usually resolve that issue by hitting Esc key while on the black screen with the resource loading icon. This should open the settings window, and then select the reset settings tab, click on clear all client cache files.

I’m having the same issue as the OP, just started today. I did as you suggested, cleared the cache and cleared all settings, but I’m still getting stuck on the black screen with the “Resources loading” wheel taunting me.

edit to add: this time I let it sit on the black screen for a while. After about 20 minutes it finally loaded the character selection screen. After clicking my character, it went to another black “Resources loading” screen, and that’s where I am now. 5 minutes in to that the music finally started playing, but my screen is still black. I assume it’ll load my hangar in another 10-20 minutes.

This is irritating as hell.

edit 2: about 10 minutes after the music started playing on the black screen, I went to town to run some errands and left my client open. When I came back it was finally in my ship hangar. Glad I can tweak my orders, but something isn’t right here ad I really hope I don’t get a socket disconnect because I’m ■■■■■■■ tired of these 30 minute black screens.


I have the same problem. Nightmare.

If clearing the client cache did not resolve the issue, please try verifying the integrity of the game files in your shared cache folder.

Launcher > Open Settings > Shared Cache settings > Verify button.


Same problem here, took me about 2 hours to get connected… Did somebody mange to solve the problem ?

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