Black screen - resource loading

This is happening upon undock

  • Downloading the full game client has worked for some people in the past (especially for those on crappy internet connections). However, this hasn’t worked for everyone.
  • You can also try Verifying the Integrity of Game files
  • Clearing the cache. However, I recommend backing up your cache first so that you can restore your client settings if it doesn’t work.
  • And using revo uninstaller to uninstall Eve before reinstalling.
  • Also, do note that this could be a problem on CCP’s end (they once said they fixed an bug that was causing this issue for some players). So, you might want to file a support ticket (to get in line) and a bug report (to let the right people know that there is an issue).
  • Finally, come back and tell us how you managed to get this issue resolved. Might help the next guy with the same problem.

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