Sub capital roaming Corp free thinking pvpers required

Looking for pilots who want to pvp, you do not need to be at that stage as yet.

Must have the following:
• Be able to use Discord and want to come on
• Be able to fly at least cruiser size hull that said if you can fly tech two frigate or destroyer and are willing to pew pew in it then let me know.
• We are growing in numbers and this is a chance for people to join and become a part of something from the beginning.

What we offer:

I would say the biggest thing is we offer is a place where you can be a part of something from the beginning, there is no clicks within our Corp you will not have to ‘’Fit’ in with the older Corp members.

Null Sec based PvP Corp - Have access to Null sec PVE

We are gaining in numbers since the beginning of this thread and I just need another 4-5 good members and then we will close recruiting for a while until we have all gelled together. I am currently in talks with 2 pilots.

Time zone is UK and USA

Our recruitment channel is ‘‘505 Direct recruitment’’

Contact me: iron maiden in game and were go from there.

bump for good reforming corporation for US & UK TZ

Had some good responses but could do with more. hook me up with some pilots !!

push it real good, to the top of the thread

Still on the look out for the right people.

Contact me in game or join our recruitment channel

‘‘505 Direct recruitment’’

Gained a member lets keep going

Currently talking a three people and gaining some interest recruited one last last week.

Gained a USA East coast member with another member joining next week, its gaining momentum :slight_smile:

Still looking for more, our requirements are more about the pilot than the character as we can work with characters.

So contact us and come and have a chat and decide if were a good fit.


Sunday bump for those Sunday recruitment vibes

Still on the look out for the right pilots, just taken on Two more in last 24 hrs.

Remember I am looking for people not the skills etc as eve is about people.

Will contact you later today when I’m online o7

Hi Reux

Haven’t heard from you so i will ping you a message in game.

Also friend bump for my corp

Friday bump for pilots to join

Yup still looking for those pilots… you know the ones… just like you :slight_smile:

Hey, how do i join?

Hi contact me ingame

That’s another great addition to the corp - Still on the look out for the right pilots now

Daily bump,

OK ok i will admit we don’t take everyone… it has to be a good fit for all involved. Please don’t get the hump if its a no as there are plenty of corps out there.

Still looking for pilots that want to PVP first and foremost and also want to take advantage of the lucrative ways of making isk we have access to.

Been defending our worm hole like crazy lately… Has been great not including the roams with 15 plus active players and 5 Fc’s (active and don’t mind training people)

Three PVP training session run this week and the feed back seems to be great

I am looking for one specialist PVE pilot ( that will home defend when called upon) to join my Corp to help get the PVE side of things rolling for the Corp

If you know about PVE a lot with a specialisation for Worm hole living then contact me ASAP as I have a great role for you.

Friday bumping come on lets see some pilots hit me up

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