Sublight is recruiting new and old for Null and Highsec!

As the title says, we are currently recruiting members for Nullsec.

We are part of a small alliance based out of cloud ring.

Sublight is a PvP/Indy focused group, and all are welcome. Miners, mission grinding, ratting, anomalies, PvP and industry are all welcome. Doesn’t matter what you do, we have room for you!

  • No SP requirement
  • Omega accounts are preferred, but Alpha are also accepted (especially if you plan on going omega)
  • Auth is required for the alliance, along with discord for the corp
    *Old/New all are welcome

If interested contact me here or join the discord and ping @recruiter for assistance!

Fly safe o7

Recruitment is still ongoing!

We’ve had a few more members join in for the highsec division. Still recruiting for both areas!

Had quite a few highseccers join, still looking for Nullsec PvPers!

Recruitment is ongoing, still looking for specifically those interested in PvP

Recruitment is still kicking, PvPers wanted

Highsec recruiting is closed. Null is still open!

Recruitment is open, pilots needed!

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