Sublight is recruiting new and old for Null and Highsec!

As the title says, we are currently recruiting members for both NPC Nullsec and Highsec.

We are part of a small alliance based out of NPC null, but our corp has a Highsec division for those that have little or no interest in moving out to null.

Sublight is a PvP/Indy focused group, and all are welcome. Miners, mission grinding, ratting, anomalies, PvP and industry are all welcome. Doesn’t matter what you do, we have room for you!

As a special note, we are looking for one person to assist with the Highsec recruiting.

  • No SP requirement
  • Omega accounts are preferred, but Alpha are also accepted (especially if you plan on going omega)
  • Auth is required for the alliance, along with discord for the corp
    *Old/New all are welcome

If interested contact me here or join the discord and ping @recruiter for assistance!

Fly safe o7

Recruitment is still ongoing!

We’ve had a few more members join in for the highsec division. Still recruiting for both areas!

Had quite a few highseccers join, still looking for Nullsec PvPers!

Recruitment is ongoing, still looking for specifically those interested in PvP

Recruitment is still kicking, PvPers wanted