Subsystems Is there a reason to train past level 1?

Is there a reason to train Subsystems past level 1? There doesn’t seem to be a reason to train them past level 1 even if you are a hardcore T3 player. I know if you lose a t3 ship you lose a subsystem skill level but honestly they only take a few minutes to re-level and unless your going to go immediately back in “which in itself sounds like a losing strategy” is there a point to train Subsystems higher? Also what other skill have no real point to train? I know Astronautic Engineering says it has no practical application.

The subsystem skills provide a per level bonus to their effect.

For example, from the 2017 devblog on the changes to T3Cs:

The subsystem provides 10% shield booster effectiveness per level of Caldari Defensive System and 10% per level overheating benefit.

At level 5, that’s a 50% bonus to the shield boosting effect, compared to only a 10% bonus at level 1.


oh, Okay. Thanks I’ve been starring at skill sheet and not the actual subsystems. thanks.

Subsystems are like ships themselves. Each ship gives a bonus to whatever level of Minmattar Cruiser or whater ship skill it is, and the same goes for subsystems.

Definately worth getting to 5.

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