Idea for a Subsystem for T3D Ships

My idea is for the Subsystem to go towards a T3D.

Yes they have a 3 modes to use in that ship to make them good but there’s no skill lose for them when you die.

So I have 3 subsystem idea that you will lose skills points for every time you die when using the subsystem.


First it a Command Bursts one for each race.
So Gallente might have Information Command Burst only
Caldari might have Shield Command Burst only
Minmatar might have Skirmish Command Burst only
Amarr might have Armored Command Burst only

Second option is a Core/Engineering subsystem
Gallente might be Warp Scram or Disruptor range only
Caldari might be ECM Target Jammer Strength only
Minmatar might have Stasis Web range only
Amarr might have Energy Nosferatu/ Neutralizer drain amount only

And last subsystem will be a Covert Reconfiguration to fit a Covert Ops Cloak with a 20sec recloak timer for all Races.

Now these subsystem you can only put 1 on a ship at anytime, so only 1 out of 3 can fit so they won’t be OP.

They won’t be as powerful as the T3C bonus but still will be fun to use.

Now the skill loss of the subsystem, you only need to train 1 skill per subsystem so 3 skill books needed for 3 subsystem.
It will be a 7 days skill loss for the skill on that subsystem that you lost.

Once that 7 days from start to finish is done you can use the subsystem again, not before.

You can use the T3D with or without using these subsystem.

So no skill lost without and skill lost when fitted.

I know its a crazy idea, but I see some gameplay from this idea for all to use.

Thanks for reading my idea.

■■■■ no, T3C SP loss is absolute cancer and now you want to bring it to T3Ds? What is wrong with you


It’s a option to have a Subsystem on your T3D or not to have one.

You don’t need to fit a subsystem on your T3D to fly it.

Just if you want to have a little more flexibility on your option with some risk.

So you want to make ships better for those who can absorb SP loss like it doesnt matter. From what I read, you either get nothing and dont lose SP or you get something and lose SP (and a lot of it, 7 days for subsystem V? ■■■■■■■ hell), it sounds dumb.

Furthermore, I’d question those subsystem choices. It seems like 1 makes it more like a command destroyer, another makes it more like an ewar frigate, and another makes it covops and therefore pretty OP. Think about it, covops cloaking T3Ds?!

I feel like 2 of those subsystems will be very underused compared to the other with said other substantially debalancing the meta.


I went by the T3C Subsystem Bonus by race.

It’s and Idea that I been thinking about for month, so I thought I might put it out there.

I guess I know now that you don’t like to fly T3C.

To each to there own.

If you have an suggestion to improve on my idea, please share o7

The community consensus isn’t that the concept of T3Cs are bad, just that SP loss associated with their destruction is bad, particularly given that over the years CCP has been mostly successful in rebalancing T2 vs T3 cruisers so that the performance of T2 cruisers meets or exceeds that of T3 cruisers of a comparable configuration relative to cost.

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cheers for that o7

Man, I would love to fly T3C’s more but because of the SP loss I almost never do. The only T3C I fly is my pve Tengu, specifically because it’s hard to die in and therefore SP loss is unlikely to happen. T3C SP loss is something to get rid of, not to give to more ships. It’s an interesting idea but I think it’s a bad one

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cheers for that mate o7

T3D are at the threshold of being cancerous. They finally ended in a strong but stable position after the last rebalances, don’t make them tumourous again please.

-1 to subsystems
-10 to covert cloak

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