Proteus (Missile systems addition while removal of drone synthesis sub system)

well all T3C can use missile systems excluding Proteus I think because of the drone synthesis subsystem. So I suggest that Drone synthesis subsystem should be removed for proteus and instead missile system should be introduced. I think its better to improve proteus for pvp. Specially for hunting ratting targets. With long point range and option of damage type with missile systems then proteus can be quite effective. Its just my idea I dont know what other mature players think about this.

Amarr / lasers, missiles, drones or drones&missiles
Caldari / hybrids or missiles
Gallente / hybrids, drones or hybrids&drones
Minmatar / projectiles or missiles

For the four empire factions, that’s the bonuses that are available. A gallente missile sub would be as awkward as a dedicated drone sub for caldari or minmatar. It just doesn’t fit, and certainly doesn’t fit the flava divide between caldari and gallente.

To add, the drone synthesis subsystem is in a very good spot, and T3Cs in general are perfectly fine to say the least.

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It also doesn’t make any sense because the Gallente don’t have a single missile based ship.

Like the others say, no.

Each race has it’s own ‘flavour’ and with Gallente it’s drones/hybrids.

If you want a missile boat with extended point range you can try out an Orthrus.

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