Proteus Buff

The proteus now sits at an awkward position.
As an armor ship, it has an underwhelming slot layout( It can only achieve 7 lows with the hyperspatial speed subsystem and the augmented plating subsystem), and it also does less damage compared to the other T3s.
Is there any way to buff the Proteus that makes it at least comparable to the other T3s and more competent at what it’s doing?
Proposal 1: making the drone synthesis subsystem provide 125mbit of drone bandwidth , but in return, removing 2 turret hardpoints, making the ship have only 3 turret hardpoints.drone bay Also gets an extension, to 300 cubic meters. With this update, the drones deal 706 DPS(max skills, T2 wasp, 3x T2 DDA over 60km) compared to 706DPS on an Ishtar with 3 T2 DDAs (over 85km) , and 565 DPS when it has only 4 drones in space.

This seems perfectly balanced, as the Tengu does 840DPS with T2 HAM launchers using 3x T2 BCS (over 21km) compared to about 738 DPS with T2 HAMs (over 39km) by the Cerberus.

This makes the proteus deal comparable damage to a HAC, but at closer ranges, similar to the other factions.

Proposal 2: making the hybrid weapon subsystem provide an extra high slot and an extra turret hardpoint to make the proteus able to deal more damage at close range(which is how people use proteuses in PVP these days, playing rush)

With the current setup, the proteus does 845DPS(guns) with 3xT2 Mag field stabilizers over 3+5km(void), With rails, the proteus can do 646DPS with antimatter, 3x Mag field stabs and T2 250mm guns, and this is quite significant. However, the proteus does this amount of damage over only 3+5km compared to the 21km on the 840DPS HAM Tengu.With rigs and other equipments, the Tengu lobs HAMs over a longer range(along with the Loki), making the proteus less competitive. With the extra turret slot, the proteus could deal more damage, making it a more favourable choice.

Combined with the drone problems, while the proteus succeeds at damage dealing with blasters, it would fail at hitting ranged targets, and the blaster damage is only on Par with the HAM launchers from the other 3 factions, the latter without the problem of hitting ranged targets entirely. While the proteus can certainly make use of its 4 drones and fly them over a longer distance than the HAMs, the proteus fails at dealing damage that’s comparable to the other T3Cs.

With these changes, the proteus with the hybrid encoding platform does more damage at closer ranges, and does similar damage (about 750DPS with guns only) compared to the other T3Cs at longer ranges(with Antimatter of course), and the drone proteus would Also be more favourable, both in PVP and in PVE.

Changing the proteus to a massive glass cannon/kiting specialized ship could possibly Also help with the current situation, since nothing fills that niche in T3Cs currently. This could be achieved by giving the proteus better base speeds, so that it wouldn’t crawl with 450m/s with AB on anymore.

You’ve fit the wrong damage mods.

With no damage mods the proteus does exactly 511dps with neutrons and void.

With 3x damage mods it does 845dps. Add on drones and it gets ~950ish.

Edit- this is using an app that i don’t think has updated since surgical strike. So the proteus probably does even more dps than I’m showing.

Thank you for reminding me. I’ll have to edit the Post but the problem remains.

Drone proteus is for tackling and should reach roughly 700dps without any damage mods, but tanks 1.1k ehp/s stable with 5 lows. Blaster proteus reaches up to 970dps with 2 magstabs and a t2 burst aerator, or up to 1.3k dps heated with 3 magstabs and rig + drones.

For damage, the proteus is nuts, tengu and loki can reach similar dps (minus like 20%), but the ships will either be significantly less tanky or sport less damage. Mind that an armortanked proteus with localized injector rig goes around 2.4km/s without and 3km/s with links.

The proteus needs no change. It can kite with friction sub, rails and nanos, it can antikite as a dronebrawler and it can brawl just fine when you’re not alone and thus manage to dictate range. It’s a perfectly fine ship.

ROFL the thing has almost 900dps and tank 1,1k stable and you want a buff?

That’s probably an expensive one with 2 overloaded geckos(lol), because even if you use 2 geckos, the damage would still not get over 590DPS with 3 T2 DDAs. Damage-wise the Tengu and the Loki does much more damage. As for resists, the Loki has more even resists, while the proteus has a massive problem handling with explosIve damage. This makes the Loki a better choice at all times as it takes less damage because it has an even resist profile and flies much faster. When kiting, its missiles send 840DPS flying over 30km, while Keeping its speed at 1745m/s with nanofibre subsystem, and 2473m/s when heated. The proteus with a T1 meta prop can only go 1.2km/s, and 2.1km/s heated. The proteus shines only as a close quarters brawler, but no one would simply brawl a proteus in null sec. They would drop carriers on it, which would crush it with 2700DPS. Tanking 980DPS could be reached by using 2x A-type medium repairers and 2x A-type multispectrum resists, but that’s about 900m alone.
With the repair subsystem it tanks 1100DPS(sacrificing some damage) it’s expected to Perform extremely well with that much deadspace and faction stuff on it, but compared to the other T3s it is still underpowered.

(Loki tanks 992DPS omni with the same setup, 621DPS with T2 resists, 813DPS with pithum c-type resists, and pith x-type large shield booster, using agist x-type x-large shield booster it maintains 959 DPS tank with 2x T2 resists, which is not in overload)

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