Drone proteus too op

Kills like these happen very frequently, and far too many people use the drone proteus for PvE and PvP. In order to balance this, I propose we get rid of two lowslots and instead give it a highslot and a midslot.
This way, we cripple the damage output of the proteus but we give it much more reliable drone tracking and whatever you people use on these things. This way, other drone ships like the Ishtar can also shine in 10/10’s.
Also since this ship is supposed to be a generalized ship i feel that the 125mb/s drone bandwidth is a bit excessive, and i propose we drop it down to 100 mb/s, to keep it in line with the stratios.
Now, this may seem excessive but i also propose we double the base armour in order to balance out these changes, as well as increasing the powergrid and cpu in order to accommodate another neutralizer.

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