Proteus: What is it good for?

Hello folks, I’m currently in the early days of my EVE career, still thinking about what to do in the future and one ship that I find myself drawn into is the Proteus. I’ve read around and people tell me it’s a good PvP brawler, but I’d like to know what kind of ISK generating activities it is good at (if any) and how one would go about making ISK with PvP - if any is possible to be made.
I appreciate any help given.

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not a lot right now
id hold out for a few months and see if ccp change it

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The Proteus hayday was a while ago. It’s been mostly a brick tank tackle lately, but now the T3C changes mean one of the other ships is probably better for what you’re looking for. You might want to start with something cheaper if you’re new to PvP.

You make money in PvP by killing people and looting their wrecks. Or perhaps mercenary work.

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It is/was a good Maze runner (the Gurista 10/10) before the update, might be the same/better after.


If I might address a broader (but unasked) question, T3s are a foundation upon which you can build your Eve life, and I see little yet in the new expansion which dissuades me of that. They’ve got the versatility, flexibility, and powerhouse dynamics around which you can formulate a spacecraft which satisfies a multiplicity of needs.

I’ve got a two-month-old alt who is skilling for T3s already. I don’t necessarily have a life path mapped out for this character yet, but I know I can mold a spaceship that’s right for the job when I do. And if that path changes, I can change the spacecraft along with it, and I’ll be pretty certain that I’ll approve of the looks and performance of the resultant ship as well. For a younger character, T3s give you an unequaled opportunity to explore and try new things.

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Absolutely nothing.


Someone had to…:roll_eyes:


After getting an opportunity to mess around on the Tengu, including different fits (functions), I deeply regret going for Proteus, the ships are very unbalanced after the recent changes even moreso then before.

Don’t get me wrong, I will not drop the skills simply because I am deeply invested into the Gallente tree, but they really need to actually balance this stuff out. And I do not know the other 2 T3s and how they are doing.

The Proteus is good for exploration. Well, technically all T3Cs are, but the Proteus looks best in Exploration-configuration. (After the changes, Tengu is 2nd place for me.)

Works fine with sentries in pve, works great as a cloaky HK. I do enjoy people crying about T3C losing their uber grinding and fleet abilities.

It’s fantastic with the 10s align. Sabre buddy solo-kills the target before you even land. :ghost:

Using mine to light travel cynos and scare people away, didn’t really pyfa-warrior anything or test fits as I expect the t3’s to get changed again soonTM and I don’t want to be left with % grid over or a missing slot on my fancy fit.

Idk about making isk with pvp. As long as you don’t die and the enemy ship dies, you gonna make some isk. Few mil from a frigate, 20-40 from a t2 fit BS, 100m-2b from faction fitted BS/carrier/dread.

With Nullifier sub it has ~8 seconds, with Hyperspatial it’s ~4 with 4.5 AU/s.

JUST because everyone automatically selects Nullifier doesn’t mean it’s the best choice.

So I don’t have to be afraid of the omnipresent “cloaky Protreus” in Wormholes anymore?

Covert + bonused scram range + ~900 dps = scary

Only because you will now die far too fast to them to have time to be afraid.