T3 Cruisers

Can we talk about the uselessness of the current version of the proteus? It’s just impossible to fit it for higher dps numbers with the drone subsystem on it.

The offensive subsystems are the least of the Proteus’s issues. Take a look at its Propulsion subsystems and then compare them to the Propulsion subsystems of all the other T3Cs.

The Tengu, Legion, and Loki all have the same basic bonuses on their Propulsion systems.

  1. Interdiction Nullification with bonus to warp speed velocity and acceleration; reduced capacitor need for warp initiation

  2. Wake Limiter/Fuel Catalyst giving bonus to AB velocity and reduction in MWD sig radius penalty

  3. Nanofibers/Chassis Optimization giving bonus to agility and velocity

When we move over to the Proteus, we get the following bonuses

  1. Interdiction nullifer works the same

  2. Injectors give a reduction to AB and MWD cap consumption; also a bonus to the benefits of overheating same modules

  3. Hyperspatial gives bonus to ship agility; bonus to warp velocity and acceleration

Notice how the bottom two entries are vastly different than the ones for the Legion, Tengu, and Loki? Specifically look at the 2nd and 3rd entries in each grouping. The Proteus doesn’t get a velocity increase unless you’re overheating. And its the second slowest of the 4 T3Cs; only the Tengu (a shield ship) being slower.

I’ll admit the Offensive subsystems could use some work on the Proteus; but, I feel the biggest issue for the Proteus is that its Propulsion systems are downright awful compared to the other options. It seems to me a lot of people pick the Propulsion system they use on the Proteus depending on if they want 2 lows or 1 mid and 1 low… and the bonuses don’t matter as much. I think that’s a huge issue for the ship class.

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