Add missiles to proteus


Please add missiles to proteus.

Gallantry can train torpedoes on the nemesis and missiles on celestis.

This is a tech three strategic cruiser. Yes bonus the guns and drones.

But consider adding missiles, in the least unbonoused.

Why? I know that the poor old Proteus could use some love, but is there some really specific, operational and significant reason for the change you’re suggesting?

I trained Hybrid Turrets on a Minmatar character partly in order to use the Proteus. I thought others might have done the same.

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Is the nullifier subsystem useful still after the nullifier module addition?

I don’t know, Zoiie. I haven’t flown the thing for close to 3 years. If I recall, it was more about the zany slot layout - particularly the dearth of mid-slots. I should go back and look again at this formerly-beautiful beast!


Every race has a bomber with torpedoes. Every T1 ewar cruiser has somewhat unusual weaponry for its race as a consequence of all that ewar.

If you want a missile Proteus, then I also want a missile Megathron

As a previous poster pointed out; all Stealth Bombers use torpedoes as this was a design choice. They are an exception in many ways.

The Celestis is a holdover from a time when quite a few Gallente ships actually did have missile slots.
Over the years, missile slots have been removed from Gallente ships because it doesn’t make sense for many of them (see: no bonuses for missiles and and that “extra” highslot can be used for something really useful).

Why the Celestis still has them is anyone’s guess. It is an E-War platform and thus not good for damage dealing. It has not seen much attention from the DEVs in a long time.


It doesn’t make sense “flavor-wise” for Gallente to have missile ships.

Tech 3 cruisers are all about bringing out the primary and secondary weapon systems of the race.
Gallente are Blasters (hybrid guns) and Drones.
Caldari are Railguns (hybrid guns) and Missiles.
Amar are Laser Guns and Drones (if I recall correctly; missiles are a bonused specialty for less than 5 ships, excluding the stealth bomber).
Minmatar are Projectiles guns and Missiles.


Amarr T3C does get a missile subsystem.

AFAIK Gallente is the only ship that doesn’t get a roundabout ‘technical’ light weapon bonus for the use of rapid light missile launchers. These are popular in wolf rayet effects.

While the Proteus does benefit from armor bonus that a Wolf Rayet provides, light drones don’t recieve a damage bonus that other small weapon counterparts recieve.

missiles are a secondary system on amarr. IIRC they have almost as many if not more missile ships than drone ships

Mordu’s legion offensive subsystem, compatible with the Proteus and the Tengu.

Provides the usual 200% missile velocity bonus and 50% missile flight time penalty as the other Mordu’s legion ships as role bonus. The Caldari skill could give 15% missile damage bonus per level, while the Gallente skill could give increasing drone capabilities maybe? 25 m3 drone bay and 25 Mbit bandwidth to start with, both increasing by 20% per level to a maximum of 50, but no damage or other drone bonuses.

yeah, T3 are pretty underpowered, they really do need something like faction subsystems.


Thanks for answering. this is mass reply. And most of answers seem to be “Just because”. But please ask yourself why is the proteus the odd one out?
Oh I already said, just because is not a real answer.
Why is proteus the only T3 Cruiser which cannot fire missiles?
Why are all other T3 Cruises firing missiles, use drones, and fire guns?
Why isn’t all gallente ships, including celstis and nemesis also banned from firing missiles?

Okay, so this is why it needs to be rebalanced. So…?

Nemesis is special choice
CCP please remove missiles from Celestis! Gallente should not use that caldary ■■■■!

Now serious:
Why proteus should have them in first place?

Caldary have missles because they are Caldary
Minmatar have missles because they have mixed doctrine. Shield and armor. Turrets and launchers.
Ammarr have missiles because of Khanid vassals.

Gallente? Gallente are in love with drones and blasters. Railguns too. And fedo.

The Hyperion also has a single launcher for some reason, can we get rid of that too, while we’re at it? And maybe give it 8 turrets instead. That would be nice.

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because missiles are not a gallente weapon system?

Tengues and loki don’t really use many drones, hell the only way to get a drone bay on a tengue is with the support subsystem.

… because torpedo’s are what make stealth bombers stealth bombers, And there are plenty of ships that have vestigial missile hardpoints like the celestite just like some have vestigial turret hard points.

“other races have x” is not a reason for a balance change, do you have an actual game play reason that the prot needs to have a missile subsystem?


Not if you phrase it like this, but the factions should be balanced, each having their own strength and such. This is my problem with the Minmatar faction as a whole in general, the whole thing is a mess.

An easy example would be the defense methods. We have armor and shield, both can be fine tuned to either high resistance or efficient repair, which gives us a total of 4 different variations. And conveniently we have 4 main factions.
So… if Amarr is using high resistance armor, Caldari is using high resistance shields and Gallente is using armor repair based defense, then by logic Minmatar should have…
Ships that randomly use armor or shield, while some of them capable to use both because who cares, right?

The hardpoint setup is also disaster. Unlike the other 3 factions, the Minmatar ships having both turrets and launchers fitted is the standard, while being unable to completely fill their high slots with either most of the time, so if your goal is to maximize damage, you have no option but to mix these systems.

How are any of these balanced?

I don’t think you fully understand the racial traits. Yes it would be easy to go 4 tank types, 4 races split them one to one.

But not only would that be dull and lifeless it doesn’t account for the fact that that there is far more granularity in the types of tanks and adds no further flavor to the races.

Gal/minm are not simply active repair races, rather they are small gang/skirmish races. Active repair just helps in this role better than buffer(not resist) tanks like what you find in cal/amarr. Buffer being better suited to the large fleet focus of amarr/caldari.

You then have other flavors, gallente society heavily favors automation and so many of their ships have drones. Amarr ships are old so you find few with high tech sensors or shields. The caldari navy is not only very new but is built by one of the most technologically advanced races. This is shown in their heavy reliance on shields and strong sensors. Minmatar are beaten broken and scattered. The vast majority of their people still enslaved. They have had to make do with what they can find and have only made it as far as they have do to their adaptability. This is shown in their highly flexible though rather fragile ships. There are far more little things like this baked into all the ships in eve. Even the individual manufacturers within the races have their own flavor. Kaalakiota have extremely powerful tanks and you will find few others in the game that can match their passive recharge synergy. Khanid ships have strong missile systems do to their close ties with the Caldari

You don’t need this 1 to 1 parity, what you need is for each ship to feel unique and to be useful. Now there are always some that fall out of the meta or just don’t work but for the most part just about every ship in the game is someone’s favorite and has a justifiable use. More importantly they all have layors of personality from ship to ship, class to class, and race to race. Even the mixed weapons on minmatar ships are just their for flavor. There is a reason only one weapon type is bonused and fills the majority of the slots. Those are what they are balanced to use and those on their own are what the over all DPS of the ship is balanced around.

Could you fill them with off weapons? sure but what minmatar are really know for is utility highs, thats what you are meant and what most players fill those extra slots with.

So again if there was a balance problem and a ship or race just wasn’t viable there would be reason to change it. But some needless symmetry is not needed or healthy.

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Sure if you want that 50% damage bonus removed. :roll_eyes:

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CCP. you heard it don’t change anything, anywhere or anything. Just because.

Also, remove drones from all other races because they are gallente. (because all the above)

Also remove guns from other races because they are gallente. (because all the above)

Ps. if you could change this without changing anything, they well be happy. okay on with life.

PPS. just change my proteus to fit missiles. And keep thier proteui the same.

I just had a thought. Perhaps CCP could add missiles but, “they” can just not fit them. phew!

I believe the lore should follow the game balance, not the other way around. But I think I can make logical lore for the defense mechanics, that align with the current description of the factions.

Amarr is using expensive materials (which may or may not have been mined by Minmatar slaves) to construct special, high-resistance armor.
Caldari’s newest advancements in electronics, technology and computing allows them to increase and optimize the resistance of their shields.
Gallente’s drone technology also includes nano-machines which are able to regenerate damaged armor, but this is also quite advanced technology.
Minmatar has none of these, their options are limited to common, basic technologies. One of them is energy generation (which is never a problem in any sci-fi), so all they need to do is upgrade the old ships’ reactors a bit and pump an excessive amount of extra energy directly into the shield systems to “boost” them. This won’t strain the structural integrity of the old frames the way armor plates would, which also keeps the ships lighter, more agile. And as one more added benefit, this defense method is the complete opposite of what Amarr does.

At least this is how I would write this particular piece of the lore around game balance.

game balance is first. There isn’t an imbalance with the current set up.

1 race active armor 1 race active shield 1 race armor buffer 1 race shield buffer is boring.

Currently none of the races fully follow that and that’s a good thing.

I want to reiterate, Gallente is NOT the active armor race. Gallente are one of the two skirmish focused races. Active reps are better for skirmishing most of the time so many of their ships lean into that. The are also only sum what armor. Like minmatar the gallente are more flexible. Generally having a more even spread of lows and mids. This means its not uncommon to find Gallente ships with shield tanks or even hull tanks.