Should You Continue Training Tec II-III Ships

So a while ago I was able to use a Tactical destroyer after training the skill book once, however my issue came when I looked at the description which simply reads, “Skill at operating (Whatever Race) Tactical Destroyer.” Since you only need to train it once to use the ship listed, is there any reason to train it all the way up to V because when looking at the ‘Required For’ Tab there’s nothing else to be offered. It also doesn’t seem to increase any stats as well so my question stands: Should I continue Training Tec II-III Ships?

Yes. These skills doesn’t give you access to any new ships when trained to V.
However they give significant bonuses on the ships they open.

F.e. take a look at the Svipul’s description: its Minmatar Tactical Destroyer skill gives 5% of raw damage + 10% of optimal range increase + 5% in better overheat per level trained. Seems well worth to be trained to level 5, isn’t it?

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It’s a little bit confusing.

Normally, each skill unlocks a certain module, so the skill lists the bonus given for that module, and the requirements for using larger or Tech 2 versions of that module.

But ship skills unlock ships. For example, the Minmatar Cruisers skill unlocks a whole slew of different cruisers. And the different cruisers have different purposes, so there are many bonuses to give, and they are different for each ship. For example, it wouldn’t make sense to give DPS bonuses to the remote-repair or electronic jamming cruisers, and it wouldn’t make sense to give jamming bonuses to the DPS cruiser.

So CCP has put the description of the bonus that comes from the ship skill into the info page for each ship. As Ondatra said, if you look at the Svipul (the Minmatar tactical destroyer), you’ll see 5% DPS, 10% range, and 5% overheat bonus per each level that you train the Minmatar Tactical Destroyer skill.

This setup applies to all the ships; you train the skill and each ship that is unlocked with that skill will have a list of bonuses “per level trained.” But you have to look at the ship to see what the bonuses are, because each ship gets bonuses that are aligned with its role in combat.

It is very much worth training for most ships, it is very possible there is a bonus you don’t care about on some but for most it’s worth training. In most cases it is worthwhile to train things to 4 and then if you want to specialize or use that thing a lot then train it to 5.

Check out the Svipul’s traits tab you get a bunch of bonuses for each level of Minmatar Tactical Destroyer. In general for ships that’s where the relevant bonuses will show up. T2 ships will have bonuses for the basic racial class (frig/destroyer/ect) and then an extra bonus for the type of T2 ship (assault frigs/interdictors/ect).

Skill level 3 is what i consider the bare minimum skill level you should fly with in regards to hull bonuses; train to 4 if it is a doctrine ship, 5 if you are going to fly it all the time. The extra multipliers on the bonuses make a big difference.

Personally, I won’t even steal an unpiloted ship unless i have the hull skill trained to 4.

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