Are there a reason for each faction T3 Destroyer skill?

As the subject states in the past just get all the destroyers to 5 then hics with its additional skills - now this, What am I and most definately others not understanding here please?

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The purpose of every skill is to make it take more time for you to be invested in the game for a minimal amount of reward, which becomes less and less every single day.

Undocking skill by Christmas. Undocking will now take 30 min. Each level reduces that amount by 6 min. A 2 month skill to level 5.

Sounds like hyperbole… but this is CCP, and they are absolutely capable of such things.

lol well stated on the undocking, that what I gathered also - but this daft? no really - let me go make sure everyone feels the same or not. seems others agree - nope they must be taking their smarties upside down - this dont fit. it is what it is - thanx for replying.

They split the skills many many moons ago, it used to be that destroyers and battlecruisers used a single skill, then they split them racially, the T2 skills don’t have specific racial versions but the T3’s do, you’ll notice T3C’s are in the same boat and i would expect that any T3 trig ships would follow the same rules

Doesn’t really bother me and for most people it won’t really make any difference unless you plan to cross train, which is something you don’t really need to worry about when you’re a younger player, and for us bitter vets its hardly much of an issue as we have some skills that will take 60 days on their own to max anyway so we developed patience :stuck_out_tongue:


It allows people to specialise in their choice of T3 ship.

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Noted your input thanx for that

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