Such thing as a Capital Ship moving service? ALA *Frog

Just curious about this, since I know that even packaged caps are too big for the typical Jump Freighter. Since I kinda don’t want to repackage my chimera, so I can keep the killarks on it, I’m hoping that there’s some kind of reputable service out there that moves fitted capitals such as carriers.

No. Caps are too large to be hauled you have to move them yourself or have a friend move it for you, but the standard risks apply.

I’ll be happy to move your chimera, and I won’t even ask for any of my fee in advance.


I was going to make the same offer, but I lacked the skills. :frowning:

Your offer is just like when my brother would offer to keep my food safe by hiding it in his belly.

You noticed :wink:

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