Suggestion: Changes to fees for order listing expiry

I think the recent changes to broker relisting fees have been widely accepted as a good change, even though it’s significantly reduced margins for traders. To that end, I think there’s one more thing that can be done to help traders improve margins by taking on a little more risk.

Currently everyone sets their order expiry to 3 months, because why not? It’s the same price and you can always just cancel it for the same cost as the order expiring. So perhaps it would be a good complimentary mechanic to allow a trader to improve margins by taking a risk on a shorter relist time?

For example, let’s say broker fees are x. The standard broker fee could apply on orders set to expire in 2 weeks. However, an order set to expire in 1 week could have an adjusted broker fee of (3/4)x all the way down to a 1 day order having (1/4)x broker fees. Similarly, 1 month orders would subsequently cost (5/4)x, and 3 month orders would cost (3/2)x. The new relisting mechanics would compliment this as standard relisting fees would apply so traders would be punished for just continuously relisting 1 day orders.


Nah, let’s not.

Constructive, thanks…

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