Reduced Relist Charge for Long Standing Orders

It would be nice if orders that have been on the market for a while, get a reduced ‘relisting fee’

Up for more than two weeks, reduced by 1%
Up for more than six weeks, reduced by 2%
Up for more than ten weeks reduced by 3%

For each of the above quantum levels described, it would be as if there was a +1 on the advanced broker relations skill.

Part of the purpose of the relist charge was to fight market bots. Clearly, an order that has sat for more than two weeks, is not the sort of market bot order being targeted.

I’m no regular trader and I’m not sure if this could do any harm.

But I agree that a small discount for relisting long standing orders could be nice.

The relist fee encourages producers to find a price point that the market will move fast at as well.
With a smaller/discounted relist fee it allows manufacturers to push the price point up if they desire and force the buyers to meet their price point or else never get the product even if they are patient. Since EVE does not have real world employee costs.
So it changes the power balance between buyers and sellers.

This would apply to any orders, buys and sells.

I understand the principle why the relist fees are good for the game.

But sometimes the market changes and as a result your sell orders remain mostly untouched for weeks upon weeks. Would it be bad if those orders could be updated cheaper if it passes a certain amount of weeks?

I would argue yes. As orders not selling is the primary risk industrialists face. Therefore this would significantly reduce that risk. Would it break the game though? Of course not.

That’s a good point

Given the hundreds of orders we can have, does this mean i can rotate them for lower fees?

If they have been up long enough. How someone chooses to structure their orders is up to them.

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